Lithium Polymer Batteries Manufacturer China

As a very important Asian manufacturer and main supplier for rechargeable lithium polymer battery (lipo battery, li-polymer battery and li-ion battery), LiPoly Batteries Co., Limited is located in Shenzhen, China.

  • 500 cycles lifetime
  • Built-in PCM NTC IC
  • Custom length cables 
  • Custom connectors
  • Fast L/T 3 days
  • High safety
  • Long cycle life
  • High adaptability
  • Low self-discharge
  • Long service life
  • Highest power density
  • Light weight
  • 500 cycles life
  • Quick charge
  • Custom design
  • Single-cell pack
  • Large battery packs 
  • Safe & reliable quality 
  • Long track records
  • Bulk order support


Competitive Price On High Quality

We are a professional lithium-ion polymer batteries’ manufacture and are known for our smallest Li-polymer batteries in this industry. More than 1,000 models of mature batteries for your choice. Providing first-class, safe and environment-friendly clean energy solutions. Specially, we have most advanced technology and great advantage in such lipo batteries, mainly features are long-cycle life batteries, high and low temperature batteries, ultra-thin and ultra-narrow batteries, anti-magnetic batteries.

OEM & ODM Service | Li Polymer Battery Supplier | Competitive Pricing | 50K/Day Output | Focused on The Development | Manufacturing of Lithium-ion Polymer Batteries | Not Retail MOQ 3K | 1,000mAh-5,000mAh Lipo Battery | 15mAh-1,000mAh Lipo Battery | 5mAh-10Ah Lipo Battery

Professional Lipoly Battery Production Equipment

LiPoly Batteries Co., Ltd.

is a professional lithium polymer battery supplier. We have 1700+ models lipoly batteries available. Contact us online for immediate access to stock parts. Prototype & production quantities available. We design 3.7v lipoly batteries for new applications everyday. Our advantage is in our expert understanding of your application.



We have a little quantity MOQ, that means you can order 5pc. It’s the best choice for design company. Maybe you just need 5pcs, 10pcs lithium polymer batteries for your prototype period. You can market your new business ideas prior to mass quantity. Lipoly Batteries co,. Ltd. helps you to observe and management your risks, we tend to work along you as partner to satisfy new market trend for polymer lithium ion battery.

OEM & ODM Services

Our main work is OEM/ODM for hundreds of North American Nation, Europe, Asia customers. We can design the lithium polymer battery pack according to your specific need. And make the unique data sheet for you. If your product is very important, we can also sign an NDA before the project start. Any problems about the lithium ion battery will be answered by our professional engineers.

Best LiPol Battery

When handled and used properly, lithium polymer batteries are quite safe. Protection circuit is a must! Lipoly Batteries co,. Ltd provide lipo battery with safe protection circuit that use Japanese IC and MOS, a compact shape, long cycles life. You can choose different models in capacities and dimensions. When make sample li-polymer batteries, you can use custom connectors/PCM/NTC, even custom dimensions for prototype.

Proper Service Full Process

Fast email response in less than 8 hours, you can contact us to ask for quotations, datasheets, specifications of the lipo battery cell by email, skype or phone talking whatever you like. All risks are proper controlled from the beginning making samples to the end shipping. Usually small order lead time is 3~5days to worldwide. Our lithium ion polymer battery are rigorous tested and charged before shipping. Any questions about LiPo battery cell can be communicated professionally.

Lithium Polymer Battery Applications

Lithium Polymer Batteries are widely used in macbook computers, smart phone, wearable devices, personal electronics, wearable medical devices, hardware industrial products, wireless communication handheld devices, high-tech smart products. So we make smart device battery, medical device battery, military battery, solar system battery, power tool battery, electric bike battery, CCTV system battery, PC mainboard, TPMS, bank keys, ESL, ETC, 3D glasses, cameras, and gas meter as memory or power source, power tools, toys, home appliances, OA equipments, lighting, medical instruments, military equipments, medical equipment and etc.