Small 3.7 V Rechargeable Battery

3.7V lithium polymer ultra-thin battery features:

1. Good safety: Aluminum-plastic soft packaging is used in the structure, and there is no risk of explosion of other batteries;

2. Light weight: Weight is about 40% lighter than steel shell batteries of the same capacity;

3. High capacity: Compared with the metal shell battery of the same volume, the capacity is about 10% higher.

Small rechargeable battery application:

Card: bank card / multi-function card / active radio frequency tag / RFID active electronic tag / recorder highway card / campus card / Metro card / access card / hotel smart room card, etc.

Wearable devices: smart wrist / smart belt / pet activity monitor / temperature patch / smart glasses / health monitoring instrument / sports instrument, etc.

20mAh+ 3.7 V Small Lipo Battery List


NO. Model Capacity(mAh) Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Voltage(v)
1 LP151020 12mAh 1.5mm 10mm 20mm 3.7V
2 LP151025 12mAh 1.5mm 10mm 25mm 3.7V
3 LP350812 15mAh 3.5mm 8mm 12mm 3.7V
4 LP250816 15mAh 2.5mm 8mm 16mm 3.7V
5 LP251015 15mAh 2.5mm 10mm 15mm 3.7V
6 LP251212 15mAh 2.5mm 12mm 12mm 3.7V
7 LP101414 15mAh 1mm 14mm 14mm 3.7V
8 LP500522 20mAh 5mm 5mm 22mm 3.7V
9 LP400912 20mAh 4mm 9mm 12mm 3.7V
10 LP271414 20mAh 2.7mm 14mm 14mm 3.7V
11 LP201015 20mAh 2mm 10mm 15mm 3.7V
12 LP042255 21mAh 0.4mm 22mm 55mm 3.7V
13 LP271015 22mAh 2.7mm 10mm 15mm 3.7V
14 LP311013 23mAh 3.1mm 10mm 13mm 3.7V
15 LP420815 25mAh 4.2mm 8mm 15mm 3.7V
16 LP341114 25mAh 3.4mm 11mm 14mm 3.7V
17 LP301016 25mAh 3mm 10mm 16mm 3.7V
18 LP221220 25mAh 2.2mm 12mm 20mm 3.7V
19 LP191320 25mAh 1.9mm 13mm 20mm 3.7V
20 LP072736 25mAh 0.7mm 27mm 36mm 3.7V
21 LP420813 26mAh 4.2mm 8mm 13mm 3.7V
22 LP251019 26mAh 2.5mm 10mm 19mm 3.7V
23 LP251314 28mAh 2.5mm 13mm 14mm 3.7V
24 LP551011 30mAh 5.5mm 10mm 11mm 3.7V
25 LP521011 30mAh 5.2mm 10mm 11mm 3.7V
26 LP501011 30mAh 5mm 10mm 11mm 3.7V
27 LP450815 30mAh 4.5mm 8mm 15mm 3.7V
28 LP301215 30mAh 3mm 12mm 15mm 3.7V
29 LP301218 30mAh 3mm 12mm 18mm 3.7V
30 LP301315 30mAh 3mm 13mm 15mm 3.7V
31 LP231024 30mAh 2.3mm 10mm 24mm 3.7V
32 LP231123 30mAh 2.3mm 11mm 23mm 3.7V
33 LP231815 30mAh 2.3mm 18mm 15mm 3.7V
34 LP221021 30mAh 2.2mm 10mm 21mm 3.7V
35 LP221320 30mAh 2.2mm 13mm 20mm 3.7V
36 LP221619 30mAh 2.2mm 16mm 19mm 3.7V
37 LP221620 30mAh 2.2mm 16mm 20mm 3.7V
38 LP201214 30mAh 2mm 12mm 14mm 3.7V
39 LP201520 30mAh 2mm 15mm 20mm 3.7V
40 LP451113 33mAh 4.5mm 11mm 13mm 3.7V
41 LP161823 33mAh 1.6mm 18mm 23mm 3.7V
42 LP501112 34mAh 5mm 11mm 12mm 3.7V
43 LP600811 35mAh 6mm 8mm 11mm 3.7V
44 LP600812 35mAh 6mm 8mm 12mm 3.7V
45 LP500527 35mAh 5mm 5mm 27mm 3.7V
46 LP400822 35mAh 4mm 8mm 22mm 3.7V
47 LP390819 35mAh 3.9mm 8mm 19mm 3.7V
48 LP381213 35mAh 3.8mm 12mm 13mm 3.7V
49 LP351213 35mAh 3.5mm 12mm 13mm 3.7V
50 LP191622 35mAh 1.9mm 16mm 22mm 3.7V
51 LP142817 35mAh 1.4mm 28mm 17mm 3.7V
52 LP161825 37mAh 1.6mm 18mm 25mm 3.7V
53 LP600912 38mAh 6mm 9mm 12mm 3.7V
54 LP601111 40mAh 6mm 11mm 11mm 3.7V
55 LP551013 40mAh 5.5mm 10mm 13mm 3.7V
56 LP551015 40mAh 5.5mm 10mm 15mm 3.7V
57 LP551111 40mAh 5.5mm 11mm 11mm 3.7V
58 LP551113 40mAh 5.5mm 11mm 13mm 3.7V
59 LP541110 40mAh 5.4mm 11mm 10mm 3.7V
60 LP531015 40mAh 5.3mm 10mm 15mm 3.7V
61 LP501110 40mAh 5mm 11mm 10mm 3.7V
62 LP451015 40mAh 4.5mm 10mm 15mm 3.7V
63 LP420917 40mAh 4.2mm 9mm 17mm 3.7V
64 LP420919 40mAh 4.2mm 9mm 19mm 3.7V
65 LP400920 40mAh 4mm 9mm 20mm 3.7V
66 LP401015 40mAh 4mm 10mm 15mm 3.7V
67 LP401017 40mAh 4mm 10mm 17mm 3.7V
68 LP401214 40mAh 4mm 12mm 14mm 3.7V
69 LP401215 40mAh 4mm 12mm 15mm 3.7V
70 LP391114 40mAh 3.9mm 11mm 14mm 3.7V
71 LP370821 40mAh 3.7mm 8mm 21mm 3.7V
72 LP360820 40mAh 3.6mm 8mm 20mm 3.7V
73 LP351019 40mAh 3.5mm 10mm 19mm 3.7V
74 LP351121 40mAh 3.5mm 11mm 21mm 3.7V
75 LP351315 40mAh 3.5mm 13mm 15mm 3.7V
76 LP341117 40mAh 3.4mm 11mm 17mm 3.7V
77 LP301044 40mAh 3mm 10mm 44mm 3.7V
78 LP301221 40mAh 3mm 12mm 21mm 3.7V
79 LP301415 40mAh 3mm 14mm 15mm 3.7V
80 LP301515 40mAh 3mm 15mm 15mm 3.7V
81 LP301518 40mAh 3mm 15mm 18mm 3.7V
82 LP251320 40mAh 2.5mm 13mm 20mm 3.7V
83 LP221525 40mAh 2.2mm 15mm 25mm 3.7V
84 LP201030 40mAh 2mm 10mm 30mm 3.7V
85 LP201235 40mAh 2mm 12mm 35mm 3.7V
86 LP601013 42mAh 6mm 10mm 13mm 3.7V
87 LP471213 42mAh 4.7mm 12mm 13mm 3.7V
88 LP451313 42mAh 4.5mm 13mm 13mm 3.7V
89 LP331217 42mAh 3.3mm 12mm 17mm 3.7V
90 LP202018 42mAh 2mm 20mm 18mm 3.7V
91 LP521112 43mAh 5.2mm 11mm 12mm 3.7V
92 LP681013 45mAh 6.8mm 10mm 13mm 3.7V
93 LP601112 45mAh 6mm 11mm 12mm 3.7V
94 LP551213 45mAh 5.5mm 12mm 13mm 3.7V
95 LP451213 45mAh 4.5mm 12mm 13mm 3.7V
96 LP360919 45mAh 3.6mm 9mm 19mm 3.7V
97 LP350826 45mAh 3.5mm 8mm 26mm 3.7V
98 LP351120 45mAh 3.5mm 11mm 20mm 3.7V
99 LP321119 45mAh 3.2mm 11mm 19mm 3.7V
100 LP321417 45mAh 3.2mm 14mm 17mm 3.7V
101 LP301022 45mAh 3mm 10mm 22mm 3.7V
102 LP301418 45mAh 3mm 14mm 18mm 3.7V
103 LP291718 45mAh 2.9mm 17mm 18mm 3.7V
104 LP202817 45mAh 2mm 28mm 17mm 3.7V
105 LP761013 50mAh 7.6mm 10mm 13mm 3.7V
106 LP581013 50mAh 5.8mm 10mm 13mm 3.7V
107 LP581020 50mAh 5.8mm 10mm 20mm 3.7V
108 LP551012 50mAh 5.5mm 10mm 12mm 3.7V
109 LP551014 50mAh 5.5mm 10mm 14mm 3.7V
110 LP551212 50mAh 5.5mm 12mm 12mm 3.7V
111 LP541014 50mAh 5.4mm 10mm 14mm 3.7V
112 LP500915 50mAh 5mm 9mm 15mm 3.7V
113 LP501013 50mAh 5mm 10mm 13mm 3.7V
114 LP501015 50mAh 5mm 10mm 15mm 3.7V
115 LP501114 50mAh 5mm 11mm 14mm 3.7V
116 LP501115 50mAh 5mm 11mm 15mm 3.7V
117 LP501215 50mAh 5mm 12mm 15mm 3.7V
118 LP491115 50mAh 4.9mm 11mm 15mm 3.7V
119 LP481013 50mAh 4.8mm 10mm 13mm 3.7V
120 LP481015 50mAh 4.8mm 10mm 15mm 3.7V
121 LP461119 50mAh 4.6mm 11mm 19mm 3.7V
122 LP450920 50mAh 4.5mm 9mm 20mm 3.7V
123 LP451020 50mAh 4.5mm 10mm 20mm 3.7V
124 LP400922 50mAh 4mm 9mm 22mm 3.7V
125 LP401019 50mAh 4mm 10mm 19mm 3.7V
126 LP401314 50mAh 4mm 13mm 14mm 3.7V
127 LP401315 50mAh 4mm 13mm 15mm 3.7V
128 LP401322 50mAh 4mm 13mm 22mm 3.7V
129 LP391119 50mAh 3.9mm 11mm 19mm 3.7V
130 LP380833 50mAh 3.8mm 8mm 33mm 3.7V
131 LP380920 50mAh 3.8mm 9mm 20mm 3.7V
132 LP381020 50mAh 3.8mm 10mm 20mm 3.7V
133 LP370730 50mAh 3.7mm 7mm 30mm 3.7V
134 LP351219 50mAh 3.5mm 12mm 19mm 3.7V
135 LP351915 50mAh 3.5mm 19mm 15mm 3.7V
136 LP330833 50mAh 3.3mm 8mm 33mm 3.7V
137 LP331614 50mAh 3.3mm 16mm 14mm 3.7V
138 LP270829 50mAh 2.7mm 8mm 29mm 3.7V
139 LP261522 50mAh 2.6mm 15mm 22mm 3.7V
140 LP241620 50mAh 2.4mm 16mm 20mm 3.7V
141 LP203034 50mAh 2mm 30mm 34mm 3.7V
142 LP152517 50mAh 1.5mm 25mm 17mm 3.7V
143 LP103035 50mAh 1mm 30mm 35mm 3.7V
144 LP261325 52mAh 2.6mm 13mm 25mm 3.7V
145 LP581015 55mAh 5.8mm 10mm 15mm 3.7V
146 LP561214 55mAh 5.6mm 12mm 14mm 3.7V
147 LP551114 55mAh 5.5mm 11mm 14mm 3.7V
148 LP551214 55mAh 5.5mm 12mm 14mm 3.7V
149 LP541015 55mAh 5.4mm 10mm 15mm 3.7V
150 LP541116 55mAh 5.4mm 11mm 16mm 3.7V
151 LP501014 55mAh 5mm 10mm 14mm 3.7V
152 LP481018 55mAh 4.8mm 10mm 18mm 3.7V
153 LP450824 55mAh 4.5mm 8mm 24mm 3.7V
154 LP450825 55mAh 4.5mm 8mm 25mm 3.7V
155 LP401020 55mAh 4mm 10mm 20mm 3.7V
156 LP401119 55mAh 4mm 11mm 19mm 3.7V
157 LP401120 55mAh 4mm 11mm 20mm 3.7V
158 LP371022 55mAh 3.7mm 10mm 22mm 3.7V
159 LP350923 55mAh 3.5mm 9mm 23mm 3.7V
160 LP301225 55mAh 3mm 12mm 25mm 3.7V
161 LP301419 55mAh 3mm 14mm 19mm 3.7V
162 LP301519 55mAh 3mm 15mm 19mm 3.7V
163 LP301520 55mAh 3mm 15mm 20mm 3.7V
164 LP350925 57mAh 3.5mm 9mm 25mm 3.7V
165 LP380829 58mAh 3.8mm 8mm 29mm 3.7V
166 LP380928 58mAh 3.8mm 9mm 28mm 3.7V
167 LP094034 58mAh 0.9mm 40mm 34mm 3.7V
168 LP601015 60mAh 6mm 10mm 15mm 3.7V
169 LP601113 60mAh 6mm 11mm 13mm 3.7V
170 LP581113 60mAh 5.8mm 11mm 13mm 3.7V
171 LP581214 60mAh 5.8mm 12mm 14mm 3.7V
172 LP581414 60mAh 5.8mm 14mm 14mm 3.7V
173 LP551215 60mAh 5.5mm 12mm 15mm 3.7V
174 LP551414 60mAh 5.5mm 14mm 14mm 3.7V
175 LP501217 60mAh 5mm 12mm 17mm 3.7V
176 LP501218 60mAh 5mm 12mm 18mm 3.7V
177 LP501315 60mAh 5mm 13mm 15mm 3.7V
178 LP451218 60mAh 4.5mm 12mm 18mm 3.7V
179 LP451515 60mAh 4.5mm 15mm 15mm 3.7V
180 LP441119 60mAh 4.4mm 11mm 19mm 3.7V
181 LP441217 60mAh 4.4mm 12mm 17mm 3.7V
182 LP431415 60mAh 4.3mm 14mm 15mm 3.7V
183 LP400824 60mAh 4mm 8mm 24mm 3.7V
184 LP401219 60mAh 4mm 12mm 19mm 3.7V
185 LP401517 60mAh 4mm 15mm 17mm 3.7V
186 LP390829 60mAh 3.9mm 8mm 29mm 3.7V
187 LP391720 60mAh 3.9mm 17mm 20mm 3.7V
188 LP380929 60mAh 3.8mm 9mm 29mm 3.7V
189 LP381219 60mAh 3.8mm 12mm 19mm 3.7V
190 LP371023 60mAh 3.7mm 10mm 23mm 3.7V
191 LP371218 60mAh 3.7mm 12mm 18mm 3.7V
192 LP350829 60mAh 3.5mm 8mm 29mm 3.7V
193 LP350830 60mAh 3.5mm 8mm 30mm 3.7V
194 LP350926 60mAh 3.5mm 9mm 26mm 3.7V
195 LP351024 60mAh 3.5mm 10mm 24mm 3.7V
196 LP351028 60mAh 3.5mm 10mm 28mm 3.7V
197 LP351220 60mAh 3.5mm 12mm 20mm 3.7V
198 LP351223 60mAh 3.5mm 12mm 23mm 3.7V
199 LP321027 60mAh 3.2mm 10mm 27mm 3.7V
200 LP311222 60mAh 3.1mm 12mm 22mm 3.7V
201 LP311817 60mAh 3.1mm 18mm 17mm 3.7V
202 LP301025 60mAh 3mm 10mm 25mm 3.7V
203 LP301028 60mAh 3mm 10mm 28mm 3.7V
204 LP301030 60mAh 3mm 10mm 30mm 3.7V
205 LP301125 60mAh 3mm 11mm 25mm 3.7V
206 LP301321 60mAh 3mm 13mm 21mm 3.7V
207 LP281221 60mAh 2.8mm 12mm 21mm 3.7V
208 LP281622 60mAh 2.8mm 16mm 22mm 3.7V
209 LP241624 60mAh 2.4mm 16mm 24mm 3.7V
210 LP202020 60mAh 2mm 20mm 20mm 3.7V
211 LP401515 62mAh 4mm 15mm 15mm 3.7V
212 LP221828 62mAh 2.2mm 18mm 28mm 3.7V
213 LP601114 65mAh 6mm 11mm 14mm 3.7V
214 LP601115 65mAh 6mm 11mm 15mm 3.7V
215 LP601214 65mAh 6mm 12mm 14mm 3.7V
216 LP481119 65mAh 4.8mm 11mm 19mm 3.7V
217 LP430928 65mAh 4.3mm 9mm 28mm 3.7V
218 LP430929 65mAh 4.3mm 9mm 29mm 3.7V
219 LP401025 65mAh 4mm 10mm 25mm 3.7V
220 LP401123 65mAh 4mm 11mm 23mm 3.7V
221 LP401324 65mAh 4mm 13mm 24mm 3.7V
222 LP371520 65mAh 3.7mm 15mm 20mm 3.7V
223 LP301323 65mAh 3mm 13mm 23mm 3.7V
224 LP301522 65mAh 3mm 15mm 22mm 3.7V
225 LP251328 65mAh 2.5mm 13mm 28mm 3.7V
226 LP251330 65mAh 2.5mm 13mm 30mm 3.7V
227 LP211528 65mAh 2.1mm 15mm 28mm 3.7V
228 LP211627 65mAh 2.1mm 16mm 27mm 3.7V
229 LP701115 70mAh 7mm 11mm 15mm 3.7V
230 LP651112 70mAh 6.5mm 11mm 12mm 3.7V
231 LP501214 70mAh 5mm 12mm 14mm 3.7V
232 LP501417 70mAh 5mm 14mm 17mm 3.7V
233 LP481220 70mAh 4.8mm 12mm 20mm 3.7V
234 LP461417 70mAh 4.6mm 14mm 17mm 3.7V
235 LP451220 70mAh 4.5mm 12mm 20mm 3.7V
236 LP451417 70mAh 4.5mm 14mm 17mm 3.7V
237 LP451717 70mAh 4.5mm 17mm 17mm 3.7V
238 LP430927 70mAh 4.3mm 9mm 27mm 3.7V
239 LP420828 70mAh 4.2mm 8mm 28mm 3.7V
240 LP400925 70mAh 4mm 9mm 25mm 3.7V
241 LP400926 70mAh 4mm 9mm 26mm 3.7V
242 LP400927 70mAh 4mm 9mm 27mm 3.7V
243 LP400929 70mAh 4mm 9mm 29mm 3.7V
244 LP401221 70mAh 4mm 12mm 21mm 3.7V
245 LP391520 70mAh 3.9mm 15mm 20mm 3.7V
246 LP380926 70mAh 3.8mm 9mm 26mm 3.7V
247 LP381028 70mAh 3.8mm 10mm 28mm 3.7V
248 LP371223 70mAh 3.7mm 12mm 23mm 3.7V
249 LP361225 70mAh 3.6mm 12mm 25mm 3.7V
250 LP350833 70mAh 3.5mm 8mm 33mm 3.7V
251 LP351030 70mAh 3.5mm 10mm 30mm 3.7V
252 LP330930 70mAh 3.3mm 9mm 30mm 3.7V
253 LP331030 70mAh 3.3mm 10mm 30mm 3.7V
254 LP331222 70mAh 3.3mm 12mm 22mm 3.7V
255 LP321322 70mAh 3.2mm 13mm 22mm 3.7V
256 LP321522 70mAh 3.2mm 15mm 22mm 3.7V
257 LP321524 70mAh 3.2mm 15mm 24mm 3.7V
258 LP300845 70mAh 3mm 8mm 45mm 3.7V
259 LP300936 70mAh 3mm 9mm 36mm 3.7V
260 LP291126 70mAh 2.9mm 11mm 26mm 3.7V
261 LP281228 70mAh 2.8mm 12mm 28mm 3.7V
262 LP262717 70mAh 2.6mm 27mm 17mm 3.7V
263 LP222025 70mAh 2.2mm 20mm 25mm 3.7V
264 LP202221 70mAh 2mm 22mm 21mm 3.7V
265 LP202222 70mAh 2mm 22mm 22mm 3.7V
266 LP381025 72mAh 3.8mm 10mm 25mm 3.7V
267 LP381223 72mAh 3.8mm 12mm 23mm 3.7V
268 LP241825 72mAh 2.4mm 18mm 25mm 3.7V
269 LP501022 75mAh 5mm 10mm 22mm 3.7V
270 LP480833 75mAh 4.8mm 8mm 33mm 3.7V
271 LP451219 75mAh 4.5mm 12mm 19mm 3.7V
272 LP400830 75mAh 4mm 8mm 30mm 3.7V
273 LP400928 75mAh 4mm 9mm 28mm 3.7V
274 LP361122 75mAh 3.6mm 11mm 22mm 3.7V
275 LP350929 75mAh 3.5mm 9mm 29mm 3.7V
276 LP323125 75mAh 3.2mm 31mm 25mm 3.7V
277 LP301422 75mAh 3mm 14mm 22mm 3.7V
278 LP282018 75mAh 2.8mm 20mm 18mm 3.7V
279 LP251524 75mAh 2.5mm 15mm 24mm 3.7V
280 LP252025 75mAh 2.5mm 20mm 25mm 3.7V
281 LP401223 78mAh 4mm 12mm 23mm 3.7V
282 LP401233 78mAh 4mm 12mm 33mm 3.7V
283 LP651118 80mAh 6.5mm 11mm 18mm 3.7V
284 LP651515 80mAh 6.5mm 15mm 15mm 3.7V
285 LP551415 80mAh 5.5mm 14mm 15mm 3.7V
286 LP551416 80mAh 5.5mm 14mm 16mm 3.7V
287 LP541415 80mAh 5.4mm 14mm 15mm 3.7V
288 LP501020 80mAh 5mm 10mm 20mm 3.7V
289 LP501219 80mAh 5mm 12mm 19mm 3.7V
290 LP501220 80mAh 5mm 12mm 20mm 3.7V
291 LP481516 80mAh 4.8mm 15mm 16mm 3.7V
292 LP471518 80mAh 4.7mm 15mm 18mm 3.7V
293 LP450829 80mAh 4.5mm 8mm 29mm 3.7V
294 LP451419 80mAh 4.5mm 14mm 19mm 3.7V
295 LP400735 80mAh 4mm 7mm 35mm 3.7V
296 LP401124 80mAh 4mm 11mm 24mm 3.7V
297 LP401220 80mAh 4mm 12mm 20mm 3.7V
298 LP401222 80mAh 4mm 12mm 22mm 3.7V
299 LP401225 80mAh 4mm 12mm 25mm 3.7V
300 LP401421 80mAh 4mm 14mm 21mm 3.7V
301 LP380930 80mAh 3.8mm 9mm 30mm 3.7V
302 LP381029 80mAh 3.8mm 10mm 29mm 3.7V
303 LP350835 80mAh 3.5mm 8mm 35mm 3.7V
304 LP351225 80mAh 3.5mm 12mm 25mm 3.7V
305 LP351230 80mAh 3.5mm 12mm 30mm 3.7V
306 LP351325 80mAh 3.5mm 13mm 25mm 3.7V
307 LP351420 80mAh 3.5mm 14mm 20mm 3.7V
308 LP351423 80mAh 3.5mm 14mm 23mm 3.7V
309 LP351520 80mAh 3.5mm 15mm 20mm 3.7V
310 LP351521 80mAh 3.5mm 15mm 21mm 3.7V
311 LP341427 80mAh 3.4mm 14mm 27mm 3.7V
312 LP321323 80mAh 3.2mm 13mm 23mm 3.7V
313 LP301033 80mAh 3mm 10mm 33mm 3.7V
314 LP301224 80mAh 3mm 12mm 24mm 3.7V
315 LP301525 80mAh 3mm 15mm 25mm 3.7V
316 LP301820 80mAh 3mm 18mm 20mm 3.7V
317 LP301821 80mAh 3mm 18mm 21mm 3.7V
318 LP302020 80mAh 3mm 20mm 20mm 3.7V
319 LP291430 80mAh 2.9mm 14mm 30mm 3.7V
320 LP251530 80mAh 2.5mm 15mm 30mm 3.7V
321 LP182142 80mAh 1.8mm 21mm 42mm 3.7V
322 LP681132 85mAh 6.8mm 11mm 32mm 3.7V
323 LP601020 85mAh 6mm 10mm 20mm 3.7V
324 LP501024 85mAh 5mm 10mm 24mm 3.7V
325 LP501121 85mAh 5mm 11mm 21mm 3.7V
326 LP501221 85mAh 5mm 12mm 21mm 3.7V
327 LP501419 85mAh 5mm 14mm 19mm 3.7V
328 LP421214 85mAh 4.2mm 12mm 14mm 3.7V
329 LP401029 85mAh 4mm 10mm 29mm 3.7V
330 LP381030 85mAh 3.8mm 10mm 30mm 3.7V
331 LP371030 85mAh 3.7mm 10mm 30mm 3.7V
332 LP350840 85mAh 3.5mm 8mm 40mm 3.7V
333 LP351125 85mAh 3.5mm 11mm 25mm 3.7V
334 LP351425 85mAh 3.5mm 14mm 25mm 3.7V
335 LP321324 85mAh 3.2mm 13mm 24mm 3.7V
336 LP321325 85mAh 3.2mm 13mm 25mm 3.7V
337 LP261627 85mAh 2.6mm 16mm 27mm 3.7V
338 LP262022 85mAh 2.6mm 20mm 22mm 3.7V
339 LP251928 85mAh 2.5mm 19mm 28mm 3.7V
340 LP242025 85mAh 2.4mm 20mm 25mm 3.7V
341 LP202430 85mAh 2mm 24mm 30mm 3.7V
342 LP621013 90mAh 6.2mm 10mm 13mm 3.7V
343 LP601218 90mAh 6mm 12mm 18mm 3.7V
344 LP601219 90mAh 6mm 12mm 19mm 3.7V
345 LP501023 90mAh 5mm 10mm 23mm 3.7V
346 LP501517 90mAh 5mm 15mm 17mm 3.7V
347 LP451323 90mAh 4.5mm 13mm 23mm 3.7V
348 LP441028 90mAh 4.4mm 10mm 28mm 3.7V
349 LP441030 90mAh 4.4mm 10mm 30mm 3.7V
350 LP431027 90mAh 4.3mm 10mm 27mm 3.7V
351 LP421224 90mAh 4.2mm 12mm 24mm 3.7V
352 LP400834 90mAh 4mm 8mm 34mm 3.7V
353 LP400930 90mAh 4mm 9mm 30mm 3.7V
354 LP401030 90mAh 4mm 10mm 30mm 3.7V
355 LP401226 90mAh 4mm 12mm 26mm 3.7V
356 LP391323 90mAh 3.9mm 13mm 23mm 3.7V
357 LP391522 90mAh 3.9mm 15mm 22mm 3.7V
358 LP361422 90mAh 3.6mm 14mm 22mm 3.7V
359 LP350939 90mAh 3.5mm 9mm 39mm 3.7V
360 LP351032 90mAh 3.5mm 10mm 32mm 3.7V
361 LP351038 90mAh 3.5mm 10mm 38mm 3.7V
362 LP351327 90mAh 3.5mm 13mm 27mm 3.7V
363 LP351330 90mAh 3.5mm 13mm 30mm 3.7V
364 LP351422 90mAh 3.5mm 14mm 22mm 3.7V
365 LP351623 90mAh 3.5mm 16mm 23mm 3.7V
366 LP351824 90mAh 3.5mm 18mm 24mm 3.7V
367 LP341328 90mAh 3.4mm 13mm 28mm 3.7V
368 LP341422 90mAh 3.4mm 14mm 22mm 3.7V
369 LP321229 90mAh 3.2mm 12mm 29mm 3.7V
370 LP301140 90mAh 3mm 11mm 40mm 3.7V
371 LP301324 90mAh 3mm 13mm 24mm 3.7V
372 LP302022 90mAh 3mm 20mm 22mm 3.7V
373 LP281728 90mAh 2.8mm 17mm 28mm 3.7V
374 LP282022 90mAh 2.8mm 20mm 22mm 3.7V
375 LP262030 90mAh 2.6mm 20mm 30mm 3.7V
376 LP251730 90mAh 2.5mm 17mm 30mm 3.7V
377 LP243024 90mAh 2.4mm 30mm 24mm 3.7V
378 LP103053 90mAh 1mm 30mm 53mm 3.7V
379 LP701317 95mAh 7mm 13mm 17mm 3.7V
380 LP651022 95mAh 6.5mm 10mm 22mm 3.7V
381 LP612026 95mAh 6.1mm 20mm 26mm 3.7V
382 LP601024 95mAh 6mm 10mm 24mm 3.7V
383 LP521222 95mAh 5.2mm 12mm 22mm 3.7V
384 LP500829 95mAh 5mm 8mm 29mm 3.7V
385 LP500928 95mAh 5mm 9mm 28mm 3.7V
386 LP450832 95mAh 4.5mm 8mm 32mm 3.7V
387 LP450931 95mAh 4.5mm 9mm 31mm 3.7V
388 LP450934 95mAh 4.5mm 9mm 34mm 3.7V
389 LP451519 95mAh 4.5mm 15mm 19mm 3.7V
390 LP451520 95mAh 4.5mm 15mm 20mm 3.7V
391 LP401034 95mAh 4mm 10mm 34mm 3.7V
392 LP401423 95mAh 4mm 14mm 23mm 3.7V
393 LP301530 95mAh 3mm 15mm 30mm 3.7V
394 LP301925 95mAh 3mm 19mm 25mm 3.7V
395 LP303116 95mAh 3mm 31mm 16mm 3.7V
396 LP252225 95mAh 2.5mm 22mm 25mm 3.7V
397 LP152638 95mAh 1.5mm 26mm 38mm 3.7V


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30mAh 3.7V LP221620 Slim Flat Li-polymer Battery

30mAh 3.7V LP221620 Slim Flat Li-polymer Battery

30mAh 3.7V LP221620 Slim Flat Li-polymer Battery LiPo Battery Characteristics Lipo Cell Model LP221620 Lipo Battery Dimension 2.2mm*16mm*20mm Li polymer Battery Rated Capacity 30mAh min, 40mAh typ. Lithium Polymer Battery Watt-Hour Rating 0.111Wh Max. Operating...

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0.259Wh 70mAh LP400925 Small Lithium Polymer Battery

0.259Wh 70mAh LP400925 Small Lithium Polymer Battery

0.259Wh 70mAh LP400925 Small Lithium Polymer Battery LiPo Battery Characteristics Lipo Cell Model LP400925 Lipo Battery Dimension 4mm*9mm*25mm Li polymer Battery Rated Capacity 70mAh min, 80mAh typ. Lithium Polymer Battery Watt-Hour Rating 0.259Wh Max. Operating...

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45mAh Small Lipo Battery 3.7V LP601113

45mAh Small Lipo Battery 3.7V LP601113

45mAh Small Lipo Battery 3.7V LP601113 - Top Manufacture from China LiPo Battery Characteristics Lipo Cell Model LP601113 Lipo Battery Dimension 6mm*11mm*13mm Li polymer Battery Rated Capacity 45mAh min, 55mAh typ. Lithium Polymer Battery Watt-Hour Rating 0.166Wh Max....

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3.7 V LP441030 Ultra Thin Lithium Polymer Battery 90mAh

3.7 V LP441030 Ultra Thin Lithium Polymer Battery 90mAh

3.7 V LP441030 Ultra Thin Lithium Polymer Battery 90mAh Lipo Battery Supplier from China LiPo Battery Chracteristics Lipo Cell Model LP441030 Lipo Battery Dimension 4.4mm*10mm*30mm Lipo Battery Rated Capacity 90mAh min, 100mAh typ. Lipo Battery Wat-Hour Rating 0.333Wh...

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