3.7 V 500mAh Lipo Battery

Lipoly Batteries Co., Ltd is a specialized enterprise engaging in the research, production and sale of environmentally friendly Li-polymer, Li-ion battery . We have 10 years’ experience in manufacturing rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries and we can assemble the lithium cells and batteries as per your designs and requirements.


  • Li Polymer Battery has Stable Electrical Characteristics.
  • Lipoly Battery is with High Energy Density&Lower Internal Resistance .
  • Lipo Battery is Smaller & Lighter & Long Cycles Life.
  • Meet MSDS, IEC16233, CE, UL and other testing requirements.
  • For meet your customized requirements! We provide customized lithium Battery, Such as shaped, voltage(3.7 V,7.4V,11.1V), capacity(20mAh~10000mAh), wire length and connector etc.

Buy 3.7 V 500mAh Lipo Battery List


NO. Model Capacity Width*Length*Thickness Shop Now
1 LP601371 500mAh 13mm*71mm*6mm Buy
2 LP101537 500mAh 15mm*37mm*10mm
3 LP701747 500mAh 17mm*47mm*7mm Buy
4 LP851838 500mAh 18mm*38mm*8.5mm
5 LP731942 500mAh 19mm*42mm*7.3mm
6 LP902030 500mAh 20mm*30mm*9mm Buy
7 LP922030 500mAh 20mm*30mm*9.2mm
8 LP802033 500mAh 20mm*33mm*8mm
9 LP822035 500mAh 20mm*35mm*8.2mm
10 LP652039 500mAh 20mm*39mm*6.5mm
11 LP702039 500mAh 20mm*39mm*7mm Buy
12 LP802231 500mAh 22mm*31mm*8mm
13 LP602240 500mAh 22mm*40mm*6mm Buy
14 LP802331 500mAh 23mm*31mm*8mm
15 LP702332 500mAh 23mm*32mm*7mm Buy
16 LP542435 500mAh 24mm*35mm*5.4mm
17 LP802528 500mAh 25mm*28mm*8mm
18 LP862528 500mAh 25mm*28mm*8.6mm
19 LP622530 500mAh 25mm*30mm*6.2mm Buy
20 LP412550 500mAh 25mm*50mm*4.1mm Buy
21 LP732530 500mAh 25mm*30mm*7.3mm
22 LP622533 500mAh 25mm*33mm*6.2mm
23 LP602534 500mAh 25mm*34mm*6mm
24 LP502540 500mAh 25mm*40mm*5mm
25 LP552540 500mAh 25mm*40mm*5.5mm
26 LP682631 500mAh 26mm*31mm*6.8mm
27 LP632633 500mAh 26mm*33mm*6.3mm
28 LP652633 500mAh 26mm*33mm*6.5mm
29 LP522826 500mAh 28mm*26mm*5.2mm
30 LP502836 500mAh 28mm*36mm*5mm Buy
31 LP592930 500mAh 29mm*30mm*5.9mm
32 LP603030 500mAh 30mm*30mm*6mm Buy
33 LP503034 500mAh 30mm*34mm*5mm Buy
34 LP503035 500mAh 30mm*35mm*5mm Buy
35 LP443038 500mAh 30mm*38mm*4.4mm Buy
36 LP623038 500mAh 30mm*38mm*6.2mm
37 LP503040 500mAh 30mm*40mm*5mm
38 LP244753 500mAh 47mm*53mm*2.4mm
39 LP702332 515mAh 23mm*32mm*7mm
40 LP571560 520mAh 15mm*60mm*5.7mm
41 LP901642 520mAh 16mm*42mm*9mm
42 LP901837 520mAh 18mm*37mm*9mm
43 LP652433 520mAh 24mm*33mm*6.5mm Buy
44 LP603030 520mAh 30mm*30mm*6mm
45 LP641463 525mAh 14mm*63mm*6.4mm
46 LP782730 530mAh 27mm*30mm*7.8mm Buy
47 LP652040 540mAh 20mm*40mm*6.5mm
48 LP463438 540mAh 34mm*38mm*4.6mm
49 LP961838 550mAh 18mm*38mm*9.6mm
50 LP591944 550mAh 19mm*44mm*5.9mm
51 LP702335 550mAh 23mm*35mm*7mm Buy
52 LP752335 550mAh 23mm*35mm*7.5mm
53 LP702338 550mAh 23mm*38mm*7mm
54 LP842528 550mAh 25mm*28mm*8.4mm Buy
55 LP632634 550mAh 26mm*34mm*6.3mm
56 LP502936 550mAh 29mm*36mm*5mm
57 LP503038 550mAh 30mm*38mm*5mm Buy
58 LP553040 550mAh 30mm*40mm*5.5mm
59 LP561563 560mAh 15mm*63mm*5.6mm Buy
60 LP403841 560mAh 38mm*41mm*4mm Buy
61 LP751942 570mAh 19mm*42mm*7.5mm
62 LP502058 580mAh 20mm*58mm*5mm
63 LP562148 580mAh 21mm*48mm*5.6mm
64 LP582148 580mAh 21mm*48mm*5.8mm Buy
65 LP612343 580mAh 23mm*43mm*6.1mm
66 LP403048 580mAh 30mm*48mm*4mm
67 LP353442 580mAh 34mm*42mm*3.5mm
68 LP652041 590mAh 20mm*41mm*6.5mm


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