3.7 V Li Ion Battery 900mAh 3.33 Wh

Lipoly Batteries Co., Ltd is a specialized enterprise engaging in the research, production and sale of environmentally friendly Li-polymer, Li-ion battery . We have 10 years’ experience in manufacturing rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries and we can assemble the lithium cells and batteries as per your designs and requirements.

  • Factory price& High quality
  • Good consistency, low self discharge
  • Light weight, small size
  • High stability
  • High discharge rate 
  • Quality and security guaranted,with CE,UN38.3 approval.

3.7 V Li Ion Battery 900mAh List

NO. Model Capacity Width*Length*Thickness Shop Now
1 LP271244 900mAh 12mm*44mm*2.7mm
2 LP902246 900mAh 22mm*46mm*9mm Buy
3 LP472267 900mAh 22mm*67mm*4.7mm Buy
4 LP502272 900mAh 22mm*72mm*5mm
5 LP502565 900mAh 25mm*65mm*5mm Buy
6 LP652753 900mAh 27mm*53mm*6.5mm
7 LP803039 900mAh 30mm*39mm*8mm Buy
8 LP603442 900mAh 34mm*42mm*6mm Buy
9 LP523450 900mAh 34mm*50mm*5.2mm
10 LP643639 900mAh 36mm*39mm*6.4mm
11 LP313760 900mAh 37mm*60mm*3.1mm Buy
12 LP942045 950mAh 20mm*45mm*9.4mm Buy
13 LP673048 950mAh 30mm*48mm*6.7mm
14 LP783237 950mAh 32mm*37mm*7.8mm
15 LP553450 950mAh 34mm*50mm*5.5mm Buy
16 LP533640 950mAh 36mm*40mm*5.3mm
17 LP604039 950mAh 40mm*39mm*6mm
18 LP414551 950mAh 45mm*51mm*4.1mm


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