3.7V 300mAh Flat Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries

3.7V 300mAh Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery also known as Lipo or Lipoly batteries, has a capacity of 300mAh. Lipo battery is thin, light and powerful. 300mAh LiPo Batteries are widely used in GPS, DVD, ipod, Tablet PC, MP4 Player, Power Bank, Mobile Backup Power Supply, Bluetooth Speaker, IOT and other DIY and Industrial applications.

Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery
Configuration: 1S1P
Part Number: LP602030
Capacity: 300mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Wat-Hour Rating: 1.11Wh
Weight: appr. 6g
Protection Circuit(PCM): Yes
Thermistor(NTC): No
Wires: Yes
Dimension: 6.0 x 20 x 30mm


300mAh+ 3.7V Small LiPo Battery List

NO. Model Capacity Thickness*Width*Length Voltage
1 LP113660 300mAh 11mm*36mm*60mm 3.7V
2 LP101920 300mAh 10mm*19mm*20mm 3.7V
3 LP103836 300mAh 10mm*38mm*36mm 3.7V
4 LP801530 300mAh 8mm*15mm*30mm 3.7V
5 LP751340 300mAh 7.5mm*13mm*40mm 3.7V
6 LP701248 300mAh 7mm*12mm*48mm 3.7V
7 LP701434 300mAh 7mm*14mm*34mm 3.7V
8 LP702026 300mAh 7mm*20mm*26mm 3.7V
9 LP702276 300mAh 7mm*22mm*76mm 3.7V
10 LP652126 300mAh 6.5mm*21mm*26mm 3.7V
11 LP641724 300mAh 6.4mm*17mm*24mm 3.7V
12 LP641727 300mAh 6.4mm*17mm*27mm 3.7V
13 LP621537 300mAh 6.2mm*15mm*37mm 3.7V
14 LP621727 300mAh 6.2mm*17mm*27mm 3.7V
15 LP601250 300mAh 6mm*12mm*50mm 3.7V
16 LP601635 300mAh 6mm*16mm*35mm 3.7V
17 LP601730 300mAh 6mm*17mm*30mm 3.7V
18 LP601833 300mAh 6mm*18mm*33mm 3.7V
19 LP602028 300mAh 6mm*20mm*28mm 3.7V
20 LP602030 300mAh 6mm*20mm*30mm 3.7V
21 LP602525 300mAh 6mm*25mm*25mm 3.7V
22 LP581735 300mAh 5.8mm*17mm*35mm 3.7V
23 LP582525 300mAh 5.8mm*25mm*25mm 3.7V
24 LP562324 300mAh 5.6mm*23mm*24mm 3.7V
25 LP551834 300mAh 5.5mm*18mm*34mm 3.7V
26 LP542623 300mAh 5.4mm*26mm*23mm 3.7V
27 LP521850 300mAh 5.2mm*18mm*50mm 3.7V
28 LP522328 300mAh 5.2mm*23mm*28mm 3.7V
29 LP512328 300mAh 5.1mm*23mm*28mm 3.7V
30 LP512521 300mAh 5.1mm*25mm*21mm 3.7V
31 LP501340 300mAh 5mm*13mm*40mm 3.7V
32 LP501450 300mAh 5mm*14mm*50mm 3.7V
33 LP501540 300mAh 5mm*15mm*40mm 3.7V
34 LP501838 300mAh 5mm*18mm*38mm 3.7V
35 LP502035 300mAh 5mm*20mm*35mm 3.7V
36 LP502128 300mAh 5mm*21mm*28mm 3.7V
37 LP502530 300mAh 5mm*25mm*30mm 3.7V
38 LP502622 300mAh 5mm*26mm*22mm 3.7V
39 LP481449 300mAh 4.8mm*14mm*49mm 3.7V
40 LP481738 300mAh 4.8mm*17mm*38mm 3.7V
41 LP482530 300mAh 4.8mm*25mm*30mm 3.7V
42 LP471937 300mAh 4.7mm*19mm*37mm 3.7V
43 LP462622 300mAh 4.6mm*26mm*22mm 3.7V
44 LP451165 300mAh 4.5mm*11mm*65mm 3.7V
45 LP451348 300mAh 4.5mm*13mm*48mm 3.7V
46 LP451350 300mAh 4.5mm*13mm*50mm 3.7V
47 LP451646 300mAh 4.5mm*16mm*46mm 3.7V
48 LP451835 300mAh 4.5mm*18mm*35mm 3.7V
49 LP452428 300mAh 4.5mm*24mm*28mm 3.7V
50 LP452530 300mAh 4.5mm*25mm*30mm 3.7V
51 LP452628 300mAh 4.5mm*26mm*28mm 3.7V
52 LP431842 300mAh 4.3mm*18mm*42mm 3.7V
53 LP421266 300mAh 4.2mm*12mm*66mm 3.7V
54 LP422040 300mAh 4.2mm*20mm*40mm 3.7V
55 LP422533 300mAh 4.2mm*25mm*33mm 3.7V
56 LP401750 300mAh 4mm*17mm*50mm 3.7V
57 LP402040 300mAh 4mm*20mm*40mm 3.7V
58 LP402045 300mAh 4mm*20mm*45mm 3.7V
59 LP402334 300mAh 4mm*23mm*34mm 3.7V
60 LP402534 300mAh 4mm*25mm*34mm 3.7V
61 LP402726 300mAh 4mm*27mm*26mm 3.7V
62 LP382829 300mAh 3.8mm*28mm*29mm 3.7V
63 LP383034 300mAh 3.8mm*30mm*34mm 3.7V
64 LP372835 300mAh 3.7mm*28mm*35mm 3.7V
65 LP373031 300mAh 3.7mm*30mm*31mm 3.7V
66 LP351560 300mAh 3.5mm*15mm*60mm 3.7V
67 LP352044 300mAh 3.5mm*20mm*44mm 3.7V
68 LP352828 300mAh 3.5mm*28mm*28mm 3.7V
69 LP353030 300mAh 3.5mm*30mm*30mm 3.7V
70 LP332830 300mAh 3.3mm*28mm*30mm 3.7V
71 LP274330 300mAh 2.7mm*43mm*30mm 3.7V
72 LP253040 300mAh 2.5mm*30mm*40mm 3.7V
73 LP253836 300mAh 2.5mm*38mm*36mm 3.7V
74 LP232575 300mAh 2.3mm*25mm*75mm 3.7V
75 LP233045 300mAh 2.3mm*30mm*45mm 3.7V
76 LP233545 300mAh 2.3mm*35mm*45mm 3.7V
77 LP233837 300mAh 2.3mm*38mm*37mm 3.7V
78 LP223843 300mAh 2.2mm*38mm*43mm 3.7V
79 LP651537 310mAh 6.5mm*15mm*37mm 3.7V
80 LP651635 310mAh 6.5mm*16mm*35mm 3.7V
81 LP572030 310mAh 5.7mm*20mm*30mm 3.7V
82 LP482424 310mAh 4.8mm*24mm*24mm 3.7V
83 LP452728 310mAh 4.5mm*27mm*28mm 3.7V
84 LP372035 310mAh 3.7mm*20mm*35mm 3.7V
85 LP372735 310mAh 3.7mm*27mm*35mm 3.7V
86 LP352534 310mAh 3.5mm*25mm*34mm 3.7V
87 LP342734 310mAh 3.4mm*27mm*34mm 3.7V
88 LP303035 310mAh 3mm*30mm*35mm 3.7V
89 LP442630 315mAh 4.4mm*26mm*30mm 3.7V
90 LP822024 320mAh 8.2mm*20mm*24mm 3.7V
91 LP802027 320mAh 8mm*20mm*27mm 3.7V
92 LP701439 320mAh 7mm*14mm*39mm 3.7V
93 LP651641 320mAh 6.5mm*16mm*41mm 3.7V
94 LP622030 320mAh 6.2mm*20mm*30mm 3.7V
95 LP601733 320mAh 6mm*17mm*33mm 3.7V
96 LP602526 320mAh 6mm*25mm*26mm 3.7V
97 LP572225 320mAh 5.7mm*22mm*25mm 3.7V
98 LP552230 320mAh 5.5mm*22mm*30mm 3.7V
99 LP552622 320mAh 5.5mm*26mm*22mm 3.7V
100 LP501738 320mAh 5mm*17mm*38mm 3.7V
101 LP501740 320mAh 5mm*17mm*40mm 3.7V
102 LP501839 320mAh 5mm*18mm*39mm 3.7V
103 LP501842 320mAh 5mm*18mm*42mm 3.7V
104 LP502230 320mAh 5mm*22mm*30mm 3.7V
105 LP491360 320mAh 4.9mm*13mm*60mm 3.7V
106 LP482429 320mAh 4.8mm*24mm*29mm 3.7V
107 LP462040 320mAh 4.6mm*20mm*40mm 3.7V
108 LP452533 320mAh 4.5mm*25mm*33mm 3.7V
109 LP422535 320mAh 4.2mm*25mm*35mm 3.7V
110 LP402535 320mAh 4mm*25mm*35mm 3.7V
111 LP403030 320mAh 4mm*30mm*30mm 3.7V
112 LP393027 320mAh 3.9mm*30mm*27mm 3.7V
113 LP352544 320mAh 3.5mm*25mm*44mm 3.7V
114 LP353130 320mAh 3.5mm*31mm*30mm 3.7V
115 LP321672 320mAh 3.2mm*16mm*72mm 3.7V
116 LP321863 320mAh 3.2mm*18mm*63mm 3.7V
117 LP322545 320mAh 3.2mm*25mm*45mm 3.7V
118 LP312539 320mAh 3.1mm*25mm*39mm 3.7V
119 LP253242 320mAh 2.5mm*32mm*42mm 3.7V
120 LP233542 320mAh 2.3mm*35mm*42mm 3.7V
121 LP121820 330mAh 12mm*18mm*20mm 3.7V
122 LP101626 330mAh 10mm*16mm*26mm 3.7V
123 LP852222 330mAh 8.5mm*22mm*22mm 3.7V
124 LP801626 330mAh 8mm*16mm*26mm 3.7V
125 LP751435 330mAh 7.5mm*14mm*35mm 3.7V
126 LP751830 330mAh 7.5mm*18mm*30mm 3.7V
127 LP701435 330mAh 7mm*14mm*35mm 3.7V
128 LP681245 330mAh 6.8mm*12mm*45mm 3.7V
129 LP681247 330mAh 6.8mm*12mm*47mm 3.7V
130 LP671248 330mAh 6.7mm*12mm*48mm 3.7V
131 LP651247 330mAh 6.5mm*12mm*47mm 3.7V
132 LP651250 330mAh 6.5mm*12mm*50mm 3.7V
133 LP652223 330mAh 6.5mm*22mm*23mm 3.7V
134 LP552033 330mAh 5.5mm*20mm*33mm 3.7V
135 LP552426 330mAh 5.5mm*24mm*26mm 3.7V
136 LP532033 330mAh 5.3mm*20mm*33mm 3.7V
137 LP502131 330mAh 5mm*21mm*31mm 3.7V
138 LP471360 330mAh 4.7mm*13mm*60mm 3.7V
139 LP461840 330mAh 4.6mm*18mm*40mm 3.7V
140 LP432827 330mAh 4.3mm*28mm*27mm 3.7V
141 LP422536 330mAh 4.2mm*25mm*36mm 3.7V
142 LP353040 330mAh 3.5mm*30mm*40mm 3.7V
143 LP272654 330mAh 2.7mm*26mm*54mm 3.7V
144 LP263247 330mAh 2.6mm*32mm*47mm 3.7V
145 LP551836 340mAh 5.5mm*18mm*36mm 3.7V
146 LP482725 340mAh 4.8mm*27mm*25mm 3.7V
147 LP381468 340mAh 3.8mm*14mm*68mm 3.7V
148 LP362630 340mAh 3.6mm*26mm*30mm 3.7V
149 LP322550 340mAh 3.2mm*25mm*50mm 3.7V
150 LP851535 350mAh 8.5mm*15mm*35mm 3.7V
151 LP851630 350mAh 8.5mm*16mm*30mm 3.7V
152 LP852025 350mAh 8.5mm*20mm*25mm 3.7V
153 LP801540 350mAh 8mm*15mm*40mm 3.7V
154 LP802025 350mAh 8mm*20mm*25mm 3.7V
155 LP792024 350mAh 7.9mm*20mm*24mm 3.7V
156 LP762323 350mAh 7.6mm*23mm*23mm 3.7V
157 LP751432 350mAh 7.5mm*14mm*32mm 3.7V
158 LP752624 350mAh 7.5mm*26mm*24mm 3.7V
159 LP753036 350mAh 7.5mm*30mm*36mm 3.7V
160 LP731727 350mAh 7.3mm*17mm*27mm 3.7V
161 LP731836 350mAh 7.3mm*18mm*36mm 3.7V
162 LP701535 350mAh 7mm*15mm*35mm 3.7V
163 LP702028 350mAh 7mm*20mm*28mm 3.7V
164 LP682523 350mAh 6.8mm*25mm*23mm 3.7V
165 LP683221 350mAh 6.8mm*32mm*21mm 3.7V
166 LP672030 350mAh 6.7mm*20mm*30mm 3.7V
167 LP652030 350mAh 6.5mm*20mm*30mm 3.7V
168 LP652330 350mAh 6.5mm*23mm*30mm 3.7V
169 LP652526 350mAh 6.5mm*25mm*26mm 3.7V
170 LP601338 350mAh 6mm*13mm*38mm 3.7V
171 LP601444 350mAh 6mm*14mm*44mm 3.7V
172 LP601447 350mAh 6mm*14mm*47mm 3.7V
173 LP601642 350mAh 6mm*16mm*42mm 3.7V
174 LP601735 350mAh 6mm*17mm*35mm 3.7V
175 LP601742 350mAh 6mm*17mm*42mm 3.7V
176 LP601836 350mAh 6mm*18mm*36mm 3.7V
177 LP581838 350mAh 5.8mm*18mm*38mm 3.7V
178 LP582128 350mAh 5.8mm*21mm*28mm 3.7V
179 LP562035 350mAh 5.6mm*20mm*35mm 3.7V
180 LP551160 350mAh 5.5mm*11mm*60mm 3.7V
181 LP551263 350mAh 5.5mm*12mm*63mm 3.7V
182 LP552035 350mAh 5.5mm*20mm*35mm 3.7V
183 LP552234 350mAh 5.5mm*22mm*34mm 3.7V
184 LP532035 350mAh 5.3mm*20mm*35mm 3.7V
185 LP522530 350mAh 5.2mm*25mm*30mm 3.7V
186 LP522824 350mAh 5.2mm*28mm*24mm 3.7V
187 LP502533 350mAh 5mm*25mm*33mm 3.7V
188 LP502825 350mAh 5mm*28mm*25mm 3.7V
189 LP481547 350mAh 4.8mm*15mm*47mm 3.7V
190 LP482829 350mAh 4.8mm*28mm*29mm 3.7V
191 LP482830 350mAh 4.8mm*28mm*30mm 3.7V
192 LP452535 350mAh 4.5mm*25mm*35mm 3.7V
193 LP442336 350mAh 4.4mm*23mm*36mm 3.7V
194 LP402827 350mAh 4mm*28mm*27mm 3.7V
195 LP392234 350mAh 3.9mm*22mm*34mm 3.7V
196 LP372927 350mAh 3.7mm*29mm*27mm 3.7V
197 LP373036 350mAh 3.7mm*30mm*36mm 3.7V
198 LP362935 350mAh 3.6mm*29mm*35mm 3.7V
199 LP352545 350mAh 3.5mm*25mm*45mm 3.7V
200 LP303442 350mAh 3mm*34mm*42mm 3.7V
201 LP253549 350mAh 2.5mm*35mm*49mm 3.7V
202 LP582424 355mAh 5.8mm*24mm*24mm 3.7V
203 LP901728 360mAh 9mm*17mm*28mm 3.7V
204 LP821730 360mAh 8.2mm*17mm*30mm 3.7V
205 LP801340 360mAh 8mm*13mm*40mm 3.7V
206 LP701250 360mAh 7mm*12mm*50mm 3.7V
207 LP701635 360mAh 7mm*16mm*35mm 3.7V
208 LP501550 360mAh 5mm*15mm*50mm 3.7V
209 LP501646 360mAh 5mm*16mm*46mm 3.7V
210 LP501745 360mAh 5mm*17mm*45mm 3.7V
211 LP502725 360mAh 5mm*27mm*25mm 3.7V
212 LP482827 360mAh 4.8mm*28mm*27mm 3.7V
213 LP452043 360mAh 4.5mm*20mm*43mm 3.7V
214 LP453030 360mAh 4.5mm*30mm*30mm 3.7V
215 LP423030 360mAh 4.2mm*30mm*30mm 3.7V
216 LP372533 360mAh 3.7mm*25mm*33mm 3.7V
217 LP351672 360mAh 3.5mm*16mm*72mm 3.7V
218 LP353035 360mAh 3.5mm*30mm*35mm 3.7V
219 LP243843 360mAh 2.4mm*38mm*43mm 3.7V
220 LP601543 365mAh 6mm*15mm*43mm 3.7V
221 LP502235 365mAh 5mm*22mm*35mm 3.7V
222 LP701537 370mAh 7mm*15mm*37mm 3.7V
223 LP662028 370mAh 6.6mm*20mm*28mm 3.7V
224 LP602826 370mAh 6mm*28mm*26mm 3.7V
225 LP591738 370mAh 5.9mm*17mm*38mm 3.7V
226 LP541841 370mAh 5.4mm*18mm*41mm 3.7V
227 LP532233 370mAh 5.3mm*22mm*33mm 3.7V
228 LP451842 375mAh 4.5mm*18mm*42mm 3.7V
229 LP852023 380mAh 8.5mm*20mm*23mm 3.7V
230 LP831730 380mAh 8.3mm*17mm*30mm 3.7V
231 LP802028 380mAh 8mm*20mm*28mm 3.7V
232 LP751635 380mAh 7.5mm*16mm*35mm 3.7V
233 LP752132 380mAh 7.5mm*21mm*32mm 3.7V
234 LP701833 380mAh 7mm*18mm*33mm 3.7V
235 LP702030 380mAh 7mm*20mm*30mm 3.7V
236 LP702727 380mAh 7mm*27mm*27mm 3.7V
237 LP682028 380mAh 6.8mm*20mm*28mm 3.7V
238 LP682030 380mAh 6.8mm*20mm*30mm 3.7V
239 LP652528 380mAh 6.5mm*25mm*28mm 3.7V
240 LP601443 380mAh 6mm*14mm*43mm 3.7V
241 LP581646 380mAh 5.8mm*16mm*46mm 3.7V
242 LP582529 380mAh 5.8mm*25mm*29mm 3.7V
243 LP551739 380mAh 5.5mm*17mm*39mm 3.7V
244 LP522040 380mAh 5.2mm*20mm*40mm 3.7V
245 LP502236 380mAh 5mm*22mm*36mm 3.7V
246 LP502728 380mAh 5mm*27mm*28mm 3.7V
247 LP502830 380mAh 5mm*28mm*30mm 3.7V
248 LP462527 380mAh 4.6mm*25mm*27mm 3.7V
249 LP452045 380mAh 4.5mm*20mm*45mm 3.7V
250 LP402050 380mAh 4mm*20mm*50mm 3.7V
251 LP402445 380mAh 4mm*24mm*45mm 3.7V
252 LP293442 380mAh 2.9mm*34mm*42mm 3.7V
253 LP263545 380mAh 2.6mm*35mm*45mm 3.7V
254 LP681738 390mAh 6.8mm*17mm*38mm 3.7V
255 LP532040 390mAh 5.3mm*20mm*40mm 3.7V
256 LP532240 390mAh 5.3mm*22mm*40mm 3.7V
257 LP482930 390mAh 4.8mm*29mm*30mm 3.7V
258 LP233075 390mAh 2.3mm*30mm*75mm 3.7V
259 LP522535 395mAh 5.2mm*25mm*35mm 3.7V


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