30mAh Smallest Lithium Ion Battery LP401010


LiPo Battery Characteristics
Lipo Cell Model LP401010
Lipo Battery Dimension 4mm*10mm*10mm
Li polymer Battery Rated Capacity 30mAh min, 33mAh   typ.
Lithium Polymer Battery Watt-Hour Rating 0.111Wh
Max. Operating Voltage 2.75V to 4.20V
Max. Charge Voltage 4.2V ±50mV
Max. Charge Current 15mA
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 30mA
Discharge Cut Off 2.75V
Internal Impedance <200mΩ
Lipo Battery Cycle Life 500 cycles ≥ 80%

Small Lithium Battery LP401010 Used For Smart Earrings 

We are Global Professional Small Polymer Lithium-ion Battery supplier. There are more than 500 sizes of lithium batteries within 200mAh, providing the largest green power in a limited design space. We have produced and designed slim polymer lithium batteries for more than 20 years, and customized lithium batteries for a variety of smart wearable devices for prototype design companies.

LP401010 3.7 V Slim battery is equipped with a protection board or not, which will protect itself during charging and discharging, so there is no need to worry about the safety of lithium batteries. The density of a small lithium battery can reach 140Wh/kg, and it has a lithium battery cycle life of 500 times. The long-life and light-weight small lithium battery is the first choice for the design of many wearable devices. The small lithium batteries we produce will be customized with different wiring lengths and terminal models according to your requirements, or according to design requirements, the smallest MOQ is 10pcs, and the number of small lithium batteries is a variety of choices.


  • The operating voltage of polymer lithium batteries is high, which is three times that of nickel-cadmium and nickel-hydrogen batteries.
  • Lithium-ion batteries have high specific energy, which has reached 140Wh/kg, which is three times that of nickel-cadmium batteries.
  • The li polymer battery has a long cycle life.
  • The self-discharge of 3.7 v lipo battery is small. The monthly self-discharge rate of lithium-ion batteries is only 6% to 8%.
  • The lipo battery has no memory effect. It can be charged at any time as required without reducing battery performance.
  • Lithium-ion batteries have no pollution to the environment and are veritable “green batteries”.

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Small Lithium Ion Battery List

NO. Model Capacity Width*Length*Thickness Volt
1 LP401010 30mAh 10mm*10mm*4mm 3.7 V
2 LP551011 30mAh 10mm*11mm*5.5mm 3.7 V
3 LP221620 30mAh 16mm*20mm*2.2mm 3.7 V
4 LP191622 32mAh 16mm*22mm*1.9mm 3.7 V
5 LP451113 33mAh 11mm*13mm*4.5mm 3.7 V
6 LP142817 33mAh 28mm*17mm*1.4mm 3.7 V
7 LP390819 35mAh 8mm*19mm*3.9mm 3.7 V
8 LP400718 40mAh 7mm*18mm*4mm 3.7 V
9 LP420917 40mAh 9mm*17mm*4.2mm 3.7 V
10 LP420919 40mAh 9mm*19mm*4.2mm 3.7 V
11 LP400920 40mAh 9mm*20mm*4mm 3.7 V
12 LP501011 40mAh 10mm*11mm*5mm 3.7 V
13 LP551012 40mAh 10mm*12mm*5.5mm 3.7 V
14 LP301044 40mAh 10mm*44mm*3mm 3.7 V
15 LP511110 40mAh 11mm*10mm*5.1mm 3.7 V
16 LP351121 40mAh 11mm*21mm*3.5mm 3.7 V
17 LP471213 42mAh 12mm*13mm*4.7mm 3.7 V
18 LP451313 42mAh 13mm*13mm*4.5mm 3.7 V
19 LP531112 43mAh 11mm*12mm*5.3mm 3.7 V
20 LP481015 45mAh 10mm*15mm*4.8mm 3.7 V
21 LP541015 45mAh 10mm*15mm*5.4mm 3.7 V
22 LP551111 45mAh 11mm*11mm*5.5mm 3.7 V
23 LP601112 45mAh 11mm*12mm*6mm 3.7 V
24 LP551113 45mAh 11mm*13mm*5.5mm 3.7 V
25 LP202817 45mAh 28mm*17mm*2mm 3.7 V
26 LP541013 48mAh 10mm*13mm*5.4mm 3.7 V
27 LP601010 49mAh 10mm*10mm*6mm 3.7 V
28 LP080100 50mAh 1mm*0mm*8mm 3.7 V
29 LP330833 50mAh 8mm*33mm*3.3mm 3.7 V
30 LP380920 50mAh 9mm*20mm*3.8mm 3.7 V
31 LP551013 50mAh 10mm*13mm*5.5mm 3.7 V
32 LP621013 50mAh 10mm*13mm*6.2mm 3.7 V
33 LP381020 50mAh 10mm*20mm*3.8mm 3.7 V
34 LP451020 50mAh 10mm*20mm*4.5mm 3.7 V
35 LP601113 50mAh 11mm*13mm*6mm 3.7 V
36 LP501115 50mAh 11mm*15mm*5mm 3.7 V
37 LP351915 50mAh 19mm*15mm*3.5mm 3.7 V
38 LP103035 50mAh 30mm*35mm*1mm 3.7 V
39 LP581112 51mAh 11mm*12mm*5.8mm 3.7 V
40 LP450824 55mAh 8mm*24mm*4.5mm 3.7 V
41 LP350926 55mAh 9mm*26mm*3.5mm 3.7 V
42 LP581113 55mAh 11mm*13mm*5.8mm 3.7 V
43 LP551114 55mAh 11mm*14mm*5.5mm 3.7 V
44 LP541116 55mAh 11mm*16mm*5.4mm 3.7 V
45 LP551214 55mAh 12mm*14mm*5.5mm 3.7 V
46 LP561214 55mAh 12mm*14mm*5.6mm 3.7 V
47 LP380829 58mAh 8mm*29mm*3.8mm 3.7 V
48 LP380929 58mAh 9mm*29mm*3.8mm 3.7 V
49 LP541114 58mAh 11mm*14mm*5.4mm 3.7 V
50 LP390829 60mAh 8mm*29mm*3.9mm 3.7 V
51 LP371023 60mAh 10mm*23mm*3.7mm 3.7 V
52 LP351024 60mAh 10mm*24mm*3.5mm 3.7 V
53 LP601115 60mAh 11mm*15mm*6mm 3.7 V
54 LP381219 60mAh 12mm*19mm*3.8mm 3.7 V
55 LP311222 60mAh 12mm*22mm*3.1mm 3.7 V
56 LP391720 60mAh 17mm*20mm*3.9mm 3.7 V
57 LP430928 65mAh 9mm*28mm*4.3mm 3.7 V
58 LP401025 65mAh 10mm*25mm*4mm 3.7 V
59 LP481119 65mAh 11mm*19mm*4.8mm 3.7 V
60 LP401123 65mAh 11mm*23mm*4mm 3.7 V
61 LP251328 65mAh 13mm*28mm*2.5mm 3.7 V
62 LP400925 70mAh 9mm*25mm*4mm 3.7 V
63 LP331030 70mAh 10mm*30mm*3.3mm 3.7 V
64 LP351030 70mAh 10mm*30mm*3.5mm 3.7 V
65 LP291126 70mAh 11mm*26mm*2.9mm 3.7 V
66 LP461417 70mAh 14mm*17mm*4.6mm 3.7 V
67 LP391520 70mAh 15mm*20mm*3.9mm 3.7 V
68 LP321522 70mAh 15mm*22mm*3.2mm 3.7 V
69 LP222025 70mAh 20mm*25mm*2.2mm 3.7 V
70 LP501020 75mAh 10mm*20mm*5mm 3.7 V
71 LP501022 75mAh 10mm*22mm*5mm 3.7 V
72 LP501219 75mAh 12mm*19mm*5mm 3.7 V
73 LP321325 75mAh 13mm*25mm*3.2mm 3.7 V
74 LP182428 75mAh 24mm*28mm*1.8mm 3.7 V
75 LP450830 80mAh 8mm*30mm*4.5mm 3.7 V
76 LP450930 80mAh 9mm*30mm*4.5mm 3.7 V
77 LP381029 80mAh 10mm*29mm*3.8mm 3.7 V
78 LP401124 80mAh 11mm*24mm*4mm 3.7 V
79 LP401220 80mAh 12mm*20mm*4mm 3.7 V
80 LP301224 80mAh 12mm*24mm*3mm 3.7 V
81 LP351225 80mAh 12mm*25mm*3.5mm 3.7 V
82 LP321323 80mAh 13mm*23mm*3.2mm 3.7 V
83 LP541415 80mAh 14mm*15mm*5.4mm 3.7 V
84 LP501023 85mAh 10mm*23mm*5mm 3.7 V
85 LP501121 85mAh 11mm*21mm*5mm 3.7 V
86 LP301525 85mAh 15mm*25mm*3mm 3.7 V
87 LP431027 90mAh 10mm*27mm*4.3mm 3.7 V
88 LP441030 90mAh 10mm*30mm*4.4mm 3.7 V
89 LP601218 90mAh 12mm*18mm*6mm 3.7 V
90 LP341328 90mAh 13mm*28mm*3.4mm 3.7 V
91 LP103053 90mAh 30mm*53mm*1mm 3.7 V
92 LP500829 95mAh 8mm*29mm*5mm 3.7 V
93 LP450934 95mAh 9mm*34mm*4.5mm 3.7 V
94 LP601024 95mAh 10mm*24mm*6mm 3.7 V
95 LP301925 95mAh 19mm*25mm*3mm 3.7 V
96 LP152638 95mAh 26mm*38mm*1.5mm 3.7 V
97 LP303116 95mAh 31mm*16mm*3mm 3.7 V