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Get answer before you buy. Whether a quote or a specification request from our battery section, you can count on our lighting fast follow up.

Why No Telephone Support?

We do not provide telephone support, the reason being that it is impossible to offer a quality product at an attractive price or answer your questions without making some compromises. We have decided to compromise on human resources rather than the technical.

Heping Road, Longhua District Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

+86 (0) 13603048616


Q: I would like to get good prices. What can I do?

A: Please send us a mail and show us your interested models & quantity.

Q: I would like to buy only one battery. Is it ok?

A: When the one is in stock, we would like to sell you.

Q: I can’t find any models fit for our products. What should I do?

A: Every week we make some new models but don’t update in time. Please send us the dimension range (length x width x thickness) andcapacity. We will check the ones haven’t been showed online. Besides we can provide you customized battery.

Q: I would like to buy some batteries. How do I pay?

A: We accept payment via PayPal, Western Union orT/T.

Q: I want battery assembled connectors, can you do it?

A: Yes, can assemble connectors such as Molex, JST or SMK. Please send me the part number.