E-Link Smart Fingerprint Padlock 300mAh Lithium Battery LP602525

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E-Link Smart Fingerprint Padlock 300mAh Lithium Battery LP602525

Smart padlock is equipped with lower power consumption and long standby time. A rechargeable 300mAh lithium battery can support 1 year standby time and can be unlocked over 3000 times. When out of battery, the smart lock will remain locked, simply connect the lock to a power supply and it will resume working.

Farewell to keys and cumbersome combinations. Never worry about losing your key or forgetting passwords. Your finger is the key, and it only takes 1 second unlock it. The smart lock can record up to 20 different fingerprints including 2 administrator fingerprints,which discourages the thief to crack the code.

Smart padlock body is made of aluminum alloy and the shackle is made of stainless steel for superior cut resistance to protect your locker room or your home against thieves.

It is a portable smart box lock, and its size allows the lock to be carried to everywhere you go. Powerful smart universal fingerprint lock is suitable for outdoor and indoor, such as house door, gym, gate, warehouse, cabinet, shed, suitcase, handbag, box, bike, bicycle, luggage, fence, garage, office and etc.

3.7V Lipo Battery Manufacturers LP602525 300mAh

Lipoly-Battery Model: LP602525
Lipo battery Capacity: 300mah
Lithium battery voltage: 3.7V
Polymer battery thickness: 6.0±0.3mm
Lipo battery Width: 25.0±0.5mm
Lipo battery Height: 25.0±1.0mm
Recommend charging current: 0.5C
Standard charging current: 0.5C
Cables: Standard or custom types wires,2 or 4 with different length.
Connectors: JST or Molex or others models 2pin, 3pin…
Over-charge voltage : 4.25V±0.05V
Over discharge voltage : 2.7V±0.1V or 3.0V±0.1V
Over current: 2.0±1.0A(2.7V~4.25V)


3.7V LiPoly Batteries 300mAh List


No. Model Capacity Thickness Width Length Voltage
1 LP232575 300mAh 2.3mm 25mm 75mm 3.7V
2 LP243539 300mAh 2.4mm 35mm 39mm 3.7V
3 LP274330 300mAh 2.7mm 43mm 30mm 3.7V
5 LP352044 300mAh 3.5mm 20mm 44mm 3.7V
6 LP353030 300mAh 3.5mm 30mm 30mm 3.7V
7 LP353035 300mAh 3.5mm 30mm 35mm 3.7V
8 LP372835 300mAh 3.7mm 28mm 35mm 3.7V
9 LP383034 300mAh 3.8mm 30mm 34mm 3.7V
4 LP303040 300mAh 3mm 30mm 40mm 3.7V
12 LP421266 300mAh 4.2mm 12mm 66mm 3.7V
13 LP422040 300mAh 4.2mm 20mm 40mm 3.7V
14 LP451165 300mAh 4.5mm 11mm 65mm 3.7V
15 LP451348 300mAh 4.5mm 13mm 48mm 3.7V
16 LP451350 300mAh 4.5mm 13mm 50mm 3.7V
17 LP451646 300mAh 4.5mm 16mm 46mm 3.7V
18 LP452428 300mAh 4.5mm 24mm 28mm 3.7V
19 LP461541 300mAh 4.6mm 15mm 41mm 3.7V
20 LP462430 300mAh 4.6mm 24mm 30mm 3.7V
21 LP481449 300mAh 4.8mm 14mm 49mm 3.7V
22 LP481738 300mAh 4.8mm 17mm 38mm 3.7V
10 LP402040 300mAh 4mm 20mm 40mm 3.7V
11 LP403030 300mAh 4mm 30mm 30mm 3.7V
32 LP561443 300mAh 5.6mm 14mm 43mm 3.7V
33 LP581735 300mAh 5.8mm 17mm 35mm 3.7V
23 LP501340 300mAh 5mm 13mm 40mm 3.7V
24 LP501646 300mAh 5mm 16mm 46mm 3.7V
25 LP501838 300mAh 5mm 18mm 38mm 3.7V
26 LP501935 300mAh 5mm 19mm 35mm 3.7V
27 LP502035 300mAh 5mm 20mm 35mm 3.7V
28 LP502128 300mAh 5mm 21mm 28mm 3.7V
29 LP502535 300mAh 5mm 25mm 35mm 3.7V
30 LP502530 300mAh 5mm 25mm 30mm 3.7V
31 LP502622 300mAh 5mm 26mm 22mm 3.7V
38 LP621537 300mAh 6.2mm 15mm 37mm 3.7V
39 LP621727 300mAh 6.2mm 17mm 27mm 3.7V
34 LP602028 300mAh 6mm 20mm 28mm 3.7V
35 LP602030 300mAh 6mm 20mm 30mm 3.7V
36 LP602035 300mAh 6mm 20mm 35mm 3.7V
37 LP602525 300mAh 6mm 25mm 25mm 3.7V
41 LP731727 300mAh 7.3mm 17mm 27mm 3.7V
42 LP752030 300mAh 7.5mm 20mm 30mm 3.7V
40 LP701434 300mAh 7mm 14mm 34mm 3.7V
43 LP802025 300mAh 8mm 20mm 25mm 3.7V



How to order lithium batteries?
Have any question about the lithium ion polymer battery, contact us directly by the following form, or email us info@lipolybatteries.com directly, any question about lithium ion polymer battery will be replied within 8 hours. Our scientists and engineers are happy to welcome any information about standard lithium ion polymer battery.

Tell us the quantity you want to order lipoly battery by e-mail.
The price depends on the quality of your order lipoly battery.
Also we accept the small order for startup phase company or new project.

Lead time?
The regular lead time of lipoly battery sample or small order is 5-7 working days.

UPS/DHL/FedEx Door to Door.

Product Warranty
Product warranty is limited to original defects in material and workmanship for 90 days from the day of purchase. Warranty does not cover collateral damage, misuse, abuse, incorrect charging and other inappropriate use of this product.

Lipoly battery Life?
Standard: After 500 cycles, the capacity will be <80%.
It will be affected by the situation of discharge/recharge, and battery environment like temperature, humidity.

What is room to swell of lipoly battery?
Lipoly Battery will have a sligh swell in the charging. So it will affects your mechanical design? The answeri we gave is that you do not have this worry about these.
Because all lipoly battery we produced have reasonable tolerances:
Thickness tolerances is ± 0.3mm,
length is ± 1.0mm,
width is ± 0.5mm.

What’s more, the swell usually only affects the thickness of the battery, and it is within our tolerances. It means that thickness tolerances is ± 0.3mm (Maximum tolerances is ± 0.5mm), that is swell range.


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How to order lithium batteries ?
Have any question about the lithium ion polymer battery, contact us directly by the following form, or email us directly, any question about lithium ion polymer battery will be replied within 8 hours. Our scientists and engineers are happy to welcome any information about standard lithium ion polymer battery.

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