Lithium Polymer Battery 700mAh

  • Large capacity, strong power, stronger battery life, low charging loss, pollution-free, fast charging.
  • Each polymer lithium battery produced by technology of high-density cell, and the lipo batteries can provide more hours of use than other type of batteries though with the same size.
  • The lithium polymer battery adopts advanced production technology, which greatly improves the life of the lithium batteries and the quality is high reliable.
  • Adopting A+ grade lithium polymer cells, the charging loss is really small, and it lasts more than 20% longer than ordinary cells.
  • The li-polymer battery is pollution-free, and does not contain mercury and other poisonous heavy metals.
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight, the polymer materials can be designed into polymer lithium ion batteries with various shapes, sizes and capacities.

3.7 V 700mAh+ LiPo Battery List


No. Model Capacity Voltage Thickness*Width*Length
1 LP112528 700mAh 3.7V 11mm*25mm*28mm
2 LP101552 700mAh 3.7V 10mm*15mm*52mm
3 LP101752 700mAh 3.7V 10mm*17mm*52mm
4 LP102039 700mAh 3.7V 10mm*20mm*39mm
5 LP102530 700mAh 3.7V 10mm*25mm*30mm
6 LP102730 700mAh 3.7V 10mm*27mm*30mm
7 LP952728 700mAh 3.7V 9.5mm*27mm*28mm
8 LP901550 700mAh 3.7V 9mm*15mm*50mm
9 LP902040 700mAh 3.7V 9mm*20mm*40mm
10 LP903030 700mAh 3.7V 9mm*30mm*30mm
11 LP853030 700mAh 3.7V 8.5mm*30mm*30mm
12 LP822245 700mAh 3.7V 8.2mm*22mm*45mm
13 LP801555 700mAh 3.7V 8mm*15mm*55mm
14 LP802050 700mAh 3.7V 8mm*20mm*50mm
15 LP802535 700mAh 3.7V 8mm*25mm*35mm
16 LP772435 700mAh 3.7V 7.7mm*24mm*35mm
17 LP762043 700mAh 3.7V 7.6mm*20mm*43mm
18 LP752050 700mAh 3.7V 7.5mm*20mm*50mm
19 LP752535 700mAh 3.7V 7.5mm*25mm*35mm
20 LP732540 700mAh 3.7V 7.3mm*25mm*40mm
21 LP702248 700mAh 3.7V 7mm*22mm*48mm
22 LP702930 700mAh 3.7V 7mm*29mm*30mm
23 LP682442 700mAh 3.7V 6.8mm*24mm*42mm
24 LP663229 700mAh 3.7V 6.6mm*32mm*29mm
25 LP651474 700mAh 3.7V 6.5mm*14mm*74mm
26 LP652649 700mAh 3.7V 6.5mm*26mm*49mm
27 LP653035 700mAh 3.7V 6.5mm*30mm*35mm
28 LP632442 700mAh 3.7V 6.3mm*24mm*42mm
29 LP602060 700mAh 3.7V 6mm*20mm*60mm
30 LP602445 700mAh 3.7V 6mm*24mm*45mm
31 LP602548 700mAh 3.7V 6mm*25mm*48mm
32 LP602932 700mAh 3.7V 6mm*29mm*32mm
33 LP593040 700mAh 3.7V 5.9mm*30mm*40mm
34 LP582360 700mAh 3.7V 5.8mm*23mm*60mm
35 LP583436 700mAh 3.7V 5.8mm*34mm*36mm
36 LP572738 700mAh 3.7V 5.7mm*27mm*38mm
37 LP573229 700mAh 3.7V 5.7mm*32mm*29mm
38 LP563142 700mAh 3.7V 5.6mm*31mm*42mm
39 LP563434 700mAh 3.7V 5.6mm*34mm*34mm
40 LP551965 700mAh 3.7V 5.5mm*19mm*65mm
41 LP553157 700mAh 3.7V 5.5mm*31mm*57mm
42 LP523436 700mAh 3.7V 5.2mm*34mm*36mm
43 LP502355 700mAh 3.7V 5mm*23mm*55mm
44 LP502652 700mAh 3.7V 5mm*26mm*52mm
45 LP503233 700mAh 3.7V 5mm*32mm*33mm
46 LP503340 700mAh 3.7V 5mm*33mm*40mm
47 LP503442 700mAh 3.7V 5mm*34mm*42mm
48 LP503635 700mAh 3.7V 5mm*36mm*35mm
49 LP504840 700mAh 3.7V 5mm*48mm*40mm
50 LP451885 700mAh 3.7V 4.5mm*18mm*85mm
51 LP452560 700mAh 3.7V 4.5mm*25mm*60mm
52 LP444240 700mAh 3.7V 4.4mm*42mm*40mm
53 LP422079 700mAh 3.7V 4.2mm*20mm*79mm
54 LP402755 700mAh 3.7V 4mm*27mm*55mm
55 LP402860 700mAh 3.7V 4mm*28mm*60mm
56 LP403050 700mAh 3.7V 4mm*30mm*50mm
57 LP403450 700mAh 3.7V 4mm*34mm*50mm
58 LP393258 700mAh 3.7V 3.9mm*32mm*58mm
59 LP393450 700mAh 3.7V 3.9mm*34mm*50mm
60 LP363650 700mAh 3.7V 3.6mm*36mm*50mm
61 LP334148 700mAh 3.7V 3.3mm*41mm*48mm
62 LP334150 700mAh 3.7V 3.3mm*41mm*50mm
63 LP284052 700mAh 3.7V 2.8mm*40mm*52mm
64 LP852141 710mAh 3.7V 8.5mm*21mm*41mm
65 LP612931 710mAh 3.7V 6.1mm*29mm*31mm
66 LP101748 720mAh 3.7V 10mm*17mm*48mm
67 LP962731 720mAh 3.7V 9.6mm*27mm*31mm
68 LP952830 720mAh 3.7V 9.5mm*28mm*30mm
69 LP882237 720mAh 3.7V 8.8mm*22mm*37mm
70 LP852927 720mAh 3.7V 8.5mm*29mm*27mm
71 LP782633 720mAh 3.7V 7.8mm*26mm*33mm
72 LP702259 720mAh 3.7V 7mm*22mm*59mm
73 LP651665 720mAh 3.7V 6.5mm*16mm*65mm
74 LP572060 720mAh 3.7V 5.7mm*20mm*60mm
75 LP503639 720mAh 3.7V 5mm*36mm*39mm
76 LP453444 720mAh 3.7V 4.5mm*34mm*44mm
77 LP432951 720mAh 3.7V 4.3mm*29mm*51mm
78 LP923030 730mAh 3.7V 9.2mm*30mm*30mm
79 LP752728 730mAh 3.7V 7.5mm*27mm*28mm
80 LP613040 730mAh 3.7V 6.1mm*30mm*40mm
81 LP582060 730mAh 3.7V 5.8mm*20mm*60mm
82 LP553440 730mAh 3.7V 5.5mm*34mm*40mm
83 LP344243 730mAh 3.7V 3.4mm*42mm*43mm
84 LP284154 740mAh 3.7V 2.8mm*41mm*54mm
85 LP111935 750mAh 3.7V 11mm*19mm*35mm
86 LP112328 750mAh 3.7V 11mm*23mm*28mm
87 LP112330 750mAh 3.7V 11mm*23mm*30mm
88 LP102040 750mAh 3.7V 10mm*20mm*40mm
89 LP102534 750mAh 3.7V 10mm*25mm*34mm
90 LP972830 750mAh 3.7V 9.7mm*28mm*30mm
91 LP962830 750mAh 3.7V 9.6mm*28mm*30mm
92 LP932238 750mAh 3.7V 9.3mm*22mm*38mm
93 LP922829 750mAh 3.7V 9.2mm*28mm*29mm
94 LP902238 750mAh 3.7V 9mm*22mm*38mm
95 LP902830 750mAh 3.7V 9mm*28mm*30mm
96 LP892830 750mAh 3.7V 8.9mm*28mm*30mm
97 LP852045 750mAh 3.7V 8.5mm*20mm*45mm
98 LP852338 750mAh 3.7V 8.5mm*23mm*38mm
99 LP852933 750mAh 3.7V 8.5mm*29mm*33mm
100 LP832045 750mAh 3.7V 8.3mm*20mm*45mm
101 LP822244 750mAh 3.7V 8.2mm*22mm*44mm
102 LP802043 750mAh 3.7V 8mm*20mm*43mm
103 LP802045 750mAh 3.7V 8mm*20mm*45mm
104 LP802049 750mAh 3.7V 8mm*20mm*49mm
105 LP802245 750mAh 3.7V 8mm*22mm*45mm
106 LP802440 750mAh 3.7V 8mm*24mm*40mm
107 LP802732 750mAh 3.7V 8mm*27mm*32mm
108 LP802735 750mAh 3.7V 8mm*27mm*35mm
109 LP803628 750mAh 3.7V 8mm*36mm*28mm
110 LP791750 750mAh 3.7V 7.9mm*17mm*50mm
111 LP753035 750mAh 3.7V 7.5mm*30mm*35mm
112 LP732248 750mAh 3.7V 7.3mm*22mm*48mm
113 LP702542 750mAh 3.7V 7mm*25mm*42mm
114 LP702744 750mAh 3.7V 7mm*27mm*44mm
115 LP702837 750mAh 3.7V 7mm*28mm*37mm
116 LP703036 750mAh 3.7V 7mm*30mm*36mm
117 LP703235 750mAh 3.7V 7mm*32mm*35mm
118 LP652445 750mAh 3.7V 6.5mm*24mm*45mm
119 LP652540 750mAh 3.7V 6.5mm*25mm*40mm
120 LP643236 750mAh 3.7V 6.4mm*32mm*36mm
121 LP603040 750mAh 3.7V 6mm*30mm*40mm
122 LP603046 750mAh 3.7V 6mm*30mm*46mm
123 LP603336 750mAh 3.7V 6mm*33mm*36mm
124 LP603434 750mAh 3.7V 6mm*34mm*34mm
125 LP603436 750mAh 3.7V 6mm*34mm*36mm
126 LP552550 750mAh 3.7V 5.5mm*25mm*50mm
127 LP552848 750mAh 3.7V 5.5mm*28mm*48mm
128 LP553046 750mAh 3.7V 5.5mm*30mm*46mm
129 LP532845 750mAh 3.7V 5.3mm*28mm*45mm
130 LP523440 750mAh 3.7V 5.2mm*34mm*40mm
131 LP523442 750mAh 3.7V 5.2mm*34mm*42mm
132 LP512850 750mAh 3.7V 5.1mm*28mm*50mm
133 LP503048 750mAh 3.7V 5mm*30mm*48mm
134 LP503443 750mAh 3.7V 5mm*34mm*43mm
135 LP482950 750mAh 3.7V 4.8mm*29mm*50mm
136 LP473450 750mAh 3.7V 4.7mm*34mm*50mm
137 LP452167 750mAh 3.7V 4.5mm*21mm*67mm
138 LP452954 750mAh 3.7V 4.5mm*29mm*54mm
139 LP453347 750mAh 3.7V 4.5mm*33mm*47mm
140 LP453450 750mAh 3.7V 4.5mm*34mm*50mm
141 LP432572 750mAh 3.7V 4.3mm*25mm*72mm
142 LP403548 750mAh 3.7V 4mm*35mm*48mm
143 LP404242 750mAh 3.7V 4mm*42mm*42mm
144 LP353562 750mAh 3.7V 3.5mm*35mm*62mm
145 LP354053 750mAh 3.7V 3.5mm*40mm*53mm
146 LP305048 750mAh 3.7V 3mm*50mm*48mm
147 LP284358 750mAh 3.7V 2.8mm*43mm*58mm
148 LP772040 760mAh 3.7V 7.7mm*20mm*40mm
149 LP632832 760mAh 3.7V 6.3mm*28mm*32mm
150 LP224269 760mAh 3.7V 2.2mm*42mm*69mm
151 LP633331 770mAh 3.7V 6.3mm*33mm*31mm
152 LP533441 770mAh 3.7V 5.3mm*34mm*41mm
153 LP473440 770mAh 3.7V 4.7mm*34mm*40mm
154 LP971948 780mAh 3.7V 9.7mm*19mm*48mm
155 LP901748 780mAh 3.7V 9mm*17mm*48mm
156 LP882833 780mAh 3.7V 8.8mm*28mm*33mm
157 LP883035 780mAh 3.7V 8.8mm*30mm*35mm
158 LP801660 780mAh 3.7V 8mm*16mm*60mm
159 LP742837 780mAh 3.7V 7.4mm*28mm*37mm
160 LP732438 780mAh 3.7V 7.3mm*24mm*38mm
161 LP683040 780mAh 3.7V 6.8mm*30mm*40mm
162 LP683232 780mAh 3.7V 6.8mm*32mm*32mm
163 LP623036 780mAh 3.7V 6.2mm*30mm*36mm
164 LP433450 780mAh 3.7V 4.3mm*34mm*50mm
165 LP303080 780mAh 3.7V 3mm*30mm*80mm
166 LP254262 780mAh 3.7V 2.5mm*42mm*62mm
167 LP553639 790mAh 3.7V 5.5mm*36mm*39mm
168 LP532257 790mAh 3.7V 5.3mm*22mm*57mm
169 LP473837 790mAh 3.7V 4.7mm*38mm*37mm
170 LP185388 790mAh 3.7V 1.8mm*53mm*88mm


Lithium Polymer Battery Application

2000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery Used for The Smart Biking Device

2000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery Used for The Smart Biking Device

​LP406262 2000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery for The Smart Biking Device This is a smart biking device designed for urban cyclists. It is the all-in-one connected device that breathes life into your bike. It helps you discover new routes with clear navigation signals. It protects your bike with an ear-piercing anti-theft alarm. It lights your way...

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1500 mAh Battery 3.7 V Lipo Battery for Gopro

1500 mAh Battery 3.7 V Lipo Battery for Gopro

1500 mAh Battery 3.7 V Lipo Battery for Gopro LiPoly Battery 3.7V 1500 mAh + with quantity discount. No need custom any more find the fit one here. Compact Shape. Higher Density Capacity. 5-7days Lead Time. OEM & ODM Great Services. 500mAh Lipo Battery Safe with Japan IC + MOS. Lithium Polymer Battery  1500 mAh Battery in stock. See it for...

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3.7 V 2000mAh Battery Used For Portable Fill Light

3.7 V 2000mAh Battery Used For Portable Fill Light

3.7 V 2000mAh Lipo Battery Used for Portable Fill Light The portable fill light is a portable video shooting light with light weight, small size and high brightness. Built-in 2000mAh lipo battery to enhance the brightness of the lighting and obtain better lighting effects. The fill light can adjust two kinds of brightness: high and low...

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2600mah battery used for Breast Pumps

2600mah battery used for Breast Pumps

2600mah Lipo Battery Used for Breast Pumps Developed by mums, for mums, the TailorMade Pro is a revolutionary breast pump system that truly solves problems encountered by mums; for seasoned mums, it offers unparalleled comfort and saves time. For first-time mums, its a life-saver.   3.7 V 2600mAh LPC18650 Li-ion polymer battery, it is the best...

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850mAh 3.7V Battery used for Electric Screwdriver

850mAh 3.7V Battery used for Electric Screwdriver

An electric screwdriver is a tool for installing and removing screws. It is mainly replaced by an electric motor. It is usually a combination screwdriver with various shapes of screwdriver heads.A good helper of dismounting portable electronic products and home appliances. 850mAh rechargeable lithium battery  provide screw or unscrew driving...

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3.7 v 100mAh Lipo Battery used for Blood Glucose Meter

3.7 v 100mAh Lipo Battery used for Blood Glucose Meter

3.7 v 100mAh Lipo Battery Used for Blood Glucose Meter   Most people with diabetes use a blood collection device to drop a drop of blood from their fingers in order to measure blood glucose levels. Then, the blood is absorbed by the test strip inserted into the tester. After a few seconds, your blood glucose reading will be displayed. The...

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3.7 V Lithium Polymer Battery List


20mAh 100mAh 200mAh 300mAh 400mAh
500mAh 600mAh 700mAh 800mAh 900mAh
1000mAh 1200mAh 1800mAh 2000mAh 3000mAh