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Lipoly Batteries Introduction

Lipo Battery is the short name of Lithium Polymer Battery. Lipoly Batteries co,. Ltd. is one of the most professional manufacturers of lipo battery used for wearable devices, medical equipments, positioning tracking equipments, etc. Over 15 years of Lipo Batteries’ design and manufacturing experience, more than 1700+ Lithium Polymer battery models in stock, manufacturing lipo batteries with high quality, reliable and affordable price. We manufacture a wide variety of LiPo batteries with different capacity, from 20mAh to 10000mAh; and we manufacture li-polymer batteries with different thickness, from 1.5mm to 13mm thickness. Our Lipo Battery Support team understands the unique requirements of our clients. LiPol Battery is a new and perfect product developer’s partner. Ask us for Quote & Data-sheet now!


3.7 Volt Lithium Battery Categories


Lithium Polymer Battery LP551550 390 mAh

Our company has been making ultra-thin lithium polymer battery for more than 15 years.

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Lithium Polymer Battery LP401119 55 mAh

Request aprototype sample and data-sheet. Huge lipo battery selection in stock. Fast reply within few hours!

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Li Polymer Battery 3.7 V 1.665Wh LP603030 450 mAh

Seeking 3.7 V LiPo Battery which can provide the high discharge level, high-density energy and compact shape.

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Lithium Polymer Battery LP902030 500 mAh

Flexible size & exceptionally long life. Improving the mobility and flexibility of the wearable medical devices.

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Lithium Polymer Battery LP783968 2450 mAh

We are ready to provide custom best lithium polymer battery for your mechanic design. Contact us now!

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Lipo Battery 3.7 V 2.59Wh LP501965 700 mAh

All new li polymer battery 700mAh+ list is here with high-density energy and compact shape. Contact us now!

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Lithium Polymer Battery LP503450 1000 mAh

Lipo Battery in rich stock, provide lithium battery OEM&ODM services. Small samples available!

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LIthium Polymer Battery LP621230 170 mAh

Rechargeable ultra-thin lithium battery customize services for new prototype and device.

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3.7 V Lithium Battery 0.888Wh LP302060 240 mAh

Get the best power solution within a few hours. Cost-effective for your application. Fast shipment wordwide.

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Lithium Polymer Battery Advantages

MOQ 10+ Quantity For Programmable Prototype | OEM & ODM services | Variety Lipo Battery In Stock | Cost-effective for your application | Get a Quote within 8 hours | Fast Worldwide DHL/FeDex/UPS Shipping | On Time & To Spec.

Lipoly Batteries can customize the shapes of the lipo batteries, C shape, D shape, cylindrical shape, square size can also be customized according to customers’ needs. We can also customize the wire length of the lipo battery, lithium polymer connector, JST Molex connector. We can make a small order of customized lithium polymer batteries, which is the greatest help to the prototype company’s design.

3.7 V Lipo Battery Applications

Wearable Bluetooth Motion and Temp Sensors | Infrared Thermometer | Beauty Equipment | Powder Dispenser | E – Cigarette | Leg Massager | Path Finder | Axon Body 3 Camera | EMDR Therapy Stimulator | Electronic Joysticks | UPRIGHT Posture Training Device | Prosthetics | Trim Tab Systems | Prosthetics | Lumen Headset | ProstheticsReal-Time Group Monitor FireHUD | Invue Security | Gear Shifter Touch Screen | Infusion Indicator | Wearable Technology Sunu Band

1500 mAh Battery 3.7 V Lipo Battery for Gopro

1500 mAh Battery 3.7 V Lipo Battery for Gopro

1500 mAh Battery 3.7 V Lipo Battery for Gopro LiPoly Battery 3.7V 1500 mAh + with quantity discount. No need custom any more find the fit one here. Compact Shape. Higher Density Capacity. 5-7days Lead Time. OEM & ODM Great Services. 500mAh Lipo Battery Safe with...

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3.7 V 2000mAh Battery Used For Portable Fill Light

3.7 V 2000mAh Battery Used For Portable Fill Light

3.7 V 2000mAh Lipo Battery Used for Portable Fill Light The portable fill light is a portable video shooting light with light weight, small size and high brightness. Built-in 2000mAh lipo battery to enhance the brightness of the lighting and obtain better lighting...

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