All battery connectors from Molex or JST are available to add to our lipo battery with custom length of wires, wire sequence & wire colors.


Select Battery For Prototype 

The first step is to choose the right lipol battery samples for your application prototype. That’s quite important for the beginning. You will get professional engineering support.

quote & datasheet

Quote & Spec For Confirm

When you’re satisfied about our lipoly battery samples, then will go to the next step. We will offer you a competitive price based on the quantity of lithium ion polymer battery you request, and will offer you a detail spec.

Mass production

Small Or Mass Production

After all the information about the standard lithium ion polymer battery are confirmed, the next step is to start the mass production, small quantity order is also acceptable. We accept orders more flexibly.

on time – to spec 

LiPoly Battery New Solutions

We make best lithium polymer battery solution for high-tech product design. Huge selection of lipoly battery for sampling and prototyping test, affordable price + great service. Flexible service for customer’s any need that includes custom lipoly battery service.

models avaliable

There are 1700+ different sizes standard lithium ion polymer batteries available for options.

cycles lifetime

500 times charge-discharge cycles before the capacity drops to 80%. Such a long lifetime for the lithium battery.


Our lithium batteries are recognized by up to 350 different customers home and abroad.


Our batteries are exported to 25 countries, Europe, America, Asia, Middle East by DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX…

How We Work. Our Mission & Values

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Application Prospects

Lithium polymer battery largely replaced the previous nickel-metal hydride batteries. It’s using in many digital products. Digital products on the individual requirements of lithium polymer batteries stimulated the creation of China manufacturer inspiration.


Animal food device, fertilization, fertilizer, fish feeding device, irrigation


Bluetooth headset, cellular phones, cordless phones, handy terminal, modems, pagers, satellite phones, smart phones, walkie-talkie…


Automatic pipette, blood pressure devices, blood sugar indicators, body fat monitors, dosing system, insulin pump, thermometers, veterinary medicines…


Car stereo, eCall solution, oil injection, vehicle tracking, car key, car lighting, key lights…


Clock modules, dispensers, display feed units, fuel cells, jack lifter systems, lubrication, lubricator point of sales(POS)…


Analysis, data collectors, electricity meters, energy harvesting backup, gas meters, GPS terminal, road-toll transponders, sensors, sensor networks, smoke detetors, water meters…