Li Polymer Battery 20mAh-200mAh Sample Order On line


Slim Li-Po Battery Small Volume Pricing (USD $)

1+ $10.00
10+ $5.00
50+ $3.90

Contact us for a quotation for production quantities, customizations and integration by the bottom form.

Li Polymer Battery 20mAh - 200mAh

  • Lipo battery Capacity: 20mAh-200mAh
  • Lithium battery voltage: 3.7V
  • Standard charging current: 0.5C
  • Cables: Standard or custom types wires,2 or 4 with different length
  • Connectors: Custom models 2pin, 3pin…
  • Over-charge voltage: 4.25V±0.05V
  • Over discharge voltage: 2.7V±0.1V or 3.0V±0.1V
  • Over current: 2.0±1.0A(2.7V~4.25V)

Lithium battery  more Model 20mAh-200mAh

NO. Model Capacity Width*Length*Thickness
1 LP401010 30mAh 10mm*10mm*4mm
2 LP551011 30mAh 10mm*11mm*5.5mm
3 LP221620 30mAh 16mm*20mm*2.2mm
4 LP191622 32mAh 16mm*22mm*1.9mm
5 LP451113 33mAh 11mm*13mm*4.5mm
6 LP142817 33mAh 28mm*17mm*1.4mm
7 LP390819 35mAh 8mm*19mm*3.9mm
8 LP400718 40mAh 7mm*18mm*4mm
9 LP420917 40mAh 9mm*17mm*4.2mm
10 LP420919 40mAh 9mm*19mm*4.2mm
11 LP400920 40mAh 9mm*20mm*4mm
12 LP501011 40mAh 10mm*11mm*5mm
13 LP551012 40mAh 10mm*12mm*5.5mm
14 LP301044 40mAh 10mm*44mm*3mm
15 LP511110 40mAh 11mm*10mm*5.1mm
16 LP351121 40mAh 11mm*21mm*3.5mm
17 LP471213 42mAh 12mm*13mm*4.7mm
18 LP451313 42mAh 13mm*13mm*4.5mm
19 LP531112 43mAh 11mm*12mm*5.3mm
20 LP481015 45mAh 10mm*15mm*4.8mm
21 LP541015 45mAh 10mm*15mm*5.4mm
22 LP551111 45mAh 11mm*11mm*5.5mm
23 LP601112 45mAh 11mm*12mm*6mm
24 LP551113 45mAh 11mm*13mm*5.5mm
25 LP202817 45mAh 28mm*17mm*2mm
26 LP541013 48mAh 10mm*13mm*5.4mm
27 LP601010 49mAh 10mm*10mm*6mm
28 LP080100 50mAh 1mm*0mm*8mm
29 LP330833 50mAh 8mm*33mm*3.3mm
30 LP380920 50mAh 9mm*20mm*3.8mm
31 LP551013 50mAh 10mm*13mm*5.5mm
32 LP621013 50mAh 10mm*13mm*6.2mm
33 LP381020 50mAh 10mm*20mm*3.8mm
34 LP451020 50mAh 10mm*20mm*4.5mm
35 LP601113 50mAh 11mm*13mm*6mm
36 LP501115 50mAh 11mm*15mm*5mm
37 LP351915 50mAh 19mm*15mm*3.5mm
38 LP103035 50mAh 30mm*35mm*1mm
39 LP581112 51mAh 11mm*12mm*5.8mm
40 LP450824 55mAh 8mm*24mm*4.5mm
41 LP350926 55mAh 9mm*26mm*3.5mm
42 LP581113 55mAh 11mm*13mm*5.8mm
43 LP551114 55mAh 11mm*14mm*5.5mm
44 LP541116 55mAh 11mm*16mm*5.4mm
45 LP551214 55mAh 12mm*14mm*5.5mm
46 LP561214 55mAh 12mm*14mm*5.6mm
47 LP380829 58mAh 8mm*29mm*3.8mm
48 LP380929 58mAh 9mm*29mm*3.8mm
49 LP541114 58mAh 11mm*14mm*5.4mm
50 LP390829 60mAh 8mm*29mm*3.9mm
51 LP371023 60mAh 10mm*23mm*3.7mm
52 LP351024 60mAh 10mm*24mm*3.5mm
53 LP601115 60mAh 11mm*15mm*6mm
54 LP381219 60mAh 12mm*19mm*3.8mm
55 LP311222 60mAh 12mm*22mm*3.1mm
56 LP391720 60mAh 17mm*20mm*3.9mm
57 LP430928 65mAh 9mm*28mm*4.3mm
58 LP401025 65mAh 10mm*25mm*4mm
59 LP481119 65mAh 11mm*19mm*4.8mm
60 LP401123 65mAh 11mm*23mm*4mm
61 LP251328 65mAh 13mm*28mm*2.5mm
62 LP400925 70mAh 9mm*25mm*4mm
63 LP331030 70mAh 10mm*30mm*3.3mm
64 LP351030 70mAh 10mm*30mm*3.5mm
65 LP291126 70mAh 11mm*26mm*2.9mm
66 LP461417 70mAh 14mm*17mm*4.6mm
67 LP391520 70mAh 15mm*20mm*3.9mm
68 LP321522 70mAh 15mm*22mm*3.2mm
69 LP222025 70mAh 20mm*25mm*2.2mm
70 LP501020 75mAh 10mm*20mm*5mm
71 LP501022 75mAh 10mm*22mm*5mm
72 LP501219 75mAh 12mm*19mm*5mm
73 LP321325 75mAh 13mm*25mm*3.2mm
74 LP182428 75mAh 24mm*28mm*1.8mm
75 LP450830 80mAh 8mm*30mm*4.5mm
76 LP450930 80mAh 9mm*30mm*4.5mm
77 LP381029 80mAh 10mm*29mm*3.8mm
78 LP401124 80mAh 11mm*24mm*4mm
79 LP401220 80mAh 12mm*20mm*4mm
80 LP301224 80mAh 12mm*24mm*3mm
81 LP351225 80mAh 12mm*25mm*3.5mm
82 LP321323 80mAh 13mm*23mm*3.2mm
83 LP541415 80mAh 14mm*15mm*5.4mm
84 LP501023 85mAh 10mm*23mm*5mm
85 LP501121 85mAh 11mm*21mm*5mm
86 LP301525 85mAh 15mm*25mm*3mm
87 LP431027 90mAh 10mm*27mm*4.3mm
88 LP441030 90mAh 10mm*30mm*4.4mm
89 LP601218 90mAh 12mm*18mm*6mm
90 LP341328 90mAh 13mm*28mm*3.4mm
91 LP103053 90mAh 30mm*53mm*1mm
92 LP500829 95mAh 8mm*29mm*5mm
93 LP450934 95mAh 9mm*34mm*4.5mm
94 LP601024 95mAh 10mm*24mm*6mm
95 LP301925 95mAh 19mm*25mm*3mm
96 LP152638 95mAh 26mm*38mm*1.5mm
97 LP303116 95mAh 31mm*16mm*3mm
98 LP470837 100mAh 8mm*37mm*4.7mm
99 LP401033 100mAh 10mm*33mm*4mm
100 LP451225 100mAh 12mm*25mm*4.5mm
101 LP401523 100mAh 15mm*23mm*4mm
102 LP381528 100mAh 15mm*28mm*3.8mm
103 LP401035 105mAh 10mm*35mm*4mm
104 LP651123 105mAh 11mm*23mm*6.5mm
105 LP581519 105mAh 15mm*19mm*5.8mm
106 LP401133 110mAh 11mm*33mm*4mm
107 LP501225 110mAh 12mm*25mm*5mm
108 LP521225 110mAh 12mm*25mm*5.2mm
109 LP401228 110mAh 12mm*28mm*4mm
110 LP401230 110mAh 12mm*30mm*4mm
111 LP401323 115mAh 13mm*23mm*4mm
112 LP450840 120mAh 8mm*40mm*4.5mm
113 LP681123 120mAh 11mm*23mm*6.8mm
114 LP441133 120mAh 11mm*33mm*4.4mm
115 LP601223 120mAh 12mm*23mm*6mm
116 LP431230 120mAh 12mm*30mm*4.3mm
117 LP401235 120mAh 12mm*35mm*4mm
118 LP551323 120mAh 13mm*23mm*5.5mm
119 LP651418 120mAh 14mm*18mm*6.5mm
120 LP302323 120mAh 23mm*23mm*3mm
121 LP481037 130mAh 10mm*37mm*4.8mm
122 LP401429 130mAh 14mm*29mm*4mm
123 LP322025 130mAh 20mm*25mm*3.2mm
124 LP502020 140mAh 20mm*20mm*5mm
125 LP501231 145mAh 12mm*31mm*5mm
126 LP080330 150mAh 3mm*30mm*8mm
127 LP491133 150mAh 11mm*33mm*4.9mm
128 LP451430 150mAh 14mm*30mm*4.5mm
129 LP322328 150mAh 23mm*28mm*3.2mm
130 LP412033 160mAh 20mm*33mm*4.1mm
131 LP581620 170mAh 16mm*20mm*5.8mm
132 LP421730 175mAh 17mm*30mm*4.2mm
133 LP322826 175mAh 28mm*26mm*3.2mm
134 LP302430 180mAh 24mm*30mm*3mm
135 LP461730 185mAh 17mm*30mm*4.6mm
136 LP301845 190mAh 18mm*45mm*3mm
137 LP481730 195mAh 17mm*30mm*4.8mm


1.Payment methods : Paypal, T/T


1.Delivery: UPS/Fedex door to door 7-15 days.

2.Item will be shipped within 5-7 business days after the payment.
3.If you haven’t received the item on the Delivery Time, pls contact us by email if you have any questions. Normally, we will give you a reply within 24 hours, if not, pls check the spam of your email box. We will do our best to help you solve the problems.
4.Please make sure your address is matched with the finally shipping address before you pay.
5.In order to ensure you receive your order tax free upon import, we will declare it with a lower value, pls be noted, thanks!


Q: If customized, what information should you provide?
A: You need to provide the basic specification of the Lithium polymer battery such as: Capacity, Sizes Applications, Voltage, Leads wire, Terminals. The minimum order quantity for custom lipo battery is 5000 pieces.