The structure of the erm vibration motor is very simple. It is a coreless motor with a eccentric rotating mass. In the early days, this kind of small vibration motor was installed in the pager. Later, with the development of electronic products, the most widely used application was installed into mobile phone motherboard to provide vibration feedback.

The principle of generating vibration is also very simple, just like an incomplete fan blade. The motor uses a eccentric rotating mass to rotate at a high speed inside the mobile phone. The eccentric wheel size used in the phone is very small. When the motor is rotating, eccentric mass will make a circular motion to generate centrifugal force. The direction will change with the rotation of the mass, and the rapid change of the centrifugal force will cause the whole motor to shake rapidly, which will eventually drive the vibration of the mobile phone to give a haptic feedback.

Cylindrical Vibrators (ERM type) also called pager motor that are always used for handle devices for vibrating alerting. The ERM pager motors rely on the rotation of an unbalanced load to create vibration effects and are more recently being used for haptic feedback as well as vibration alerting. Our range of vibration motor’s have been developed primarily with communication application such mobile phones and pagers in mind. The range is widely developing to meet the demand for smaller, more powerful and low current consumption motors.

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